Here’s What Every DUI Offender Needs to Know

If you were arrested for driving while under the influence in Panama City, now has never been a better time to reach out to USAttorneys who can help you find a local DUI lawyer.

Panama City is known for its 27-miles of beaches and vast array of land available for residents and travelers to enjoy, but is also recognized for its strict laws surrounding DUI. As enjoyable as it may be to live or visit the city located in the sunshine state, it isn’t pleasing when you are being recognized for driving while under the influence.

If you have recently been charged with DUI in Panama City, FL and are seeking some useful information regarding this charge, you have come to the right place. DUI is a serious matter and has the potential to not only change your life, but that of your family as well. One of the best things you can do right now is hire a DUI attorney with the help can offer and be on your way to potentially getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

Some Important Information Regarding DUI Laws in Panama City

Any person pulled over and identified with a BAC of 0.08 or higher is going to be considered driving under the influence and arrested. Because drunk driving is a serious issue of its own, the state of Florida is cracking down on drivers who are identified as “drunk.” Some important laws and/or information that is going to be useful for you right now is shared below on behalf of the Florida Legislature site.

You have rights and you are permitted to exercise them. One thing many individuals fail to realize is that if an officer is accusing you of driving drunk and demands you take a breathalyzer, urine, or blood test, you are not required to take part in it should you deem it unnecessary. Of course, you have to consider the consequences that come along with this but if you feel this test may harm you more than just being charged with DUI by itself, you don’t have to submit to it.

Once an officer recognizes you for driving under the influence, they can take your license and issue you a 10-day temporary permit as well as a notice of suspension. What does this mean for you if you or someone you know was recently accused of DUI in Florida? It means you want to seek legal counsel immediately. USAttorneys works with some of the best Florida DUI lawyers available and can help get you connected with them. You don’t want to risk having your license suspended therefore you want to make every attempt possible to get your lawyer in on your case within this 10-day period.

Find a Panama City, FL DUI Attorney Nearby to You Now

Whether you have already been charged, were recently arrested, or wish to have your charges re-evaluated, the various DUI lawyers featured on USAttorneys understand the laws and statutes surrounding this type of crime and possess knowledge and experience in the field. Although it may not seem like it but you do have rights and you want to be sure you are being permitted to execute them as you feel is necessary.