Sometimes, the amount of evidence that prosecutors have against you may just be insurmountable and you may not really have too many options in terms of defense strategy. In fact, you may not have any at all. When you are in a situation like this, your legal counselor will be upfront in letting you know that you could be fighting a losing battle if you decide to take on the prosecution.

Now no one wants to fight a losing battle but if you do not try to muster up a fight you already lost and you will lose for sure. In the movie Expendables, Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) was facing some tough odds when him and his team decided to return to a Central American island to confront this corrupt commander and his soldiers and an ex-CIA man who was corrupt. The odds were against Ross and his team who also wanted to save the pretty girl Sandra (Giselle Itié).

Ross and his team found a way and got the job done. Do not underestimate the power of a fantastic legal pro; they can be just as innovative and dedicated as Ross and his team. The latter used weapons, a DUI lawyer in Charleston, SC will use the power of their mind and the pen. You need to let them do their job and cooperate with him or her.

Moreover, if there is any way that you could still fight the charge by at least have the consequences reduced if not completely dismissed, then you can rest assured that your DUI legal pro will be the first person to tell you everything about it.

However, when you are in a predicament where beating the prosecution is unlikely then it is much better to plead guilty than it is to try and fight the charges and end up losing. Pleading guilty is better for multiple reasons in such cases, say illustrious DUI lawyers in Charleston, SC.

To begin with, you might be able to strike a plea bargain by pleading guilty and save a substantial amount of money by not going into trial in terms of legal fees and court fees.

When is it likely that you will be convicted?

When it comes to assessing the strength of the case that the prosecution has against you and your odds at beating the charges, your South Carolina DUI attorney will usually be the best judge of that given his or her professional expertise and experience in this field.

Usually, we can say that it is likely that you will be convicted of your charges under the following circumstances.

  1. BAC was too high

BAC or blood alcohol content is generally measured by law enforcement officers using a breathalyzer machine. The maximum BAC limit in most states is 0.08% BAC. In cases where your BAC turns out to be exactly 0.08% or just marginally above that number then it is possible to challenge the accuracy of the breathalyzer and have this evidence dismissed in such a way.

However, if your BAC was two or three times (as it happens in many cases) over the legal limit there really is no argument you or your legal counselor can put up against that in most cases. But you and your legal representative can go after the charges via probable cause. Did the officer have a reason to pull you over in the first place?

  1. Irrefutable evidence

Apart from the result of the breathalyzer test, if you also happen to be facing concrete evidence such as multiple witness testimonies, arresting officer testimony, sobriety test results, toxicology test results, blood or urine test results and all of the evidence point to the fact that you were under the influence, then it may not be very easy to disprove your case. This would be a good time to plead guilty, suggest Charleston, SC DUI lawyers.

Get a lawyer

The best step that anyone who is arrested and faces DUI charges can take is to appoint a South Carolina DUI lawyer the next day or perhaps later on that day. Your legal professional will make sure that no matter what the specifics of the case, you get the best possible outcome.