Atlanta, GA- Tim Jennings, cornerback for the Chicago Bears can put his DUI arrest in the past after agreeing to a plead to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

Jennings’ reckless driving charge will allow him to avoid jail, although he will have to serve 12 months of probation and 40 hours of community service. He will also have to participate in a DUI program and pay a fine.

Jennings’ attorney told WSB-TV that his client’s DUI case was dismissed for lack of evidence and his client was pleaded to reckless driving because of his speed. He also told the TV station Jennings denied being drunk the night he was charged and maintained his innocence since his arrest.

Jennings was arrested in January after he was clocked doing 99 mph. At the time he told the arresting officer that he was going to a parent teacher conference hadn’t had anything to drink for hours, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He was charged with speeding, reckless driving and DUI, according to Sporting News.

Although Jennings’ attorney was clear his client didn’t accept a plea bargain, it is a real possibility for DUI offenders in Georgia. Plea deals are agreements allow a DUI offender to enter a guilty plea for a lesser charge or in exchange for a reduced sentence. Sometimes a plea bargain is a good deal, sometimes it isn’t, but a DUI offender should seek the advice of DUI attorney practicing in Georgia to help them decide if they should accept one. They work with prosecutors and courts on a regular basis so they are better suited to judge whether you are getting the best offer.

If you decide a plea bargain is the right way to go, you need to be aware that you don’t have to take the first one since the prosecution could offer you a better deal down the road. You should also know that oftentimes an offer for a plea deal is final and you’ll have a very limited time to decide if you want to accept it.  Your lawyer will examine the facts of your case such as your blood alcohol content and other extenuating circumstances of your arrest before advising to accept a plea bargain or refuse one.

For the clients who don’t want to enter into a plea bargain, they still need a DUI attorney working on their case. Not only is an attorney capable of securing a plea bargain, they are able to build a strong defense that will give an alleged offender a better chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.

USAttorneys urges any one facing a drunken driving or drugged driving charge to get legal advice as soon as they are able. A conviction will deprive you of your freedoms and will impact numerous aspects of your life, so representation is paramount and could keep your life from being severely disrupted. Get legal help today, call one of our excellent DUI defense lawyers.