On Sunday, June 11, 2019, a generally calm street on the south side of Chicago exploded- quite literally- with commotion. A black Toyota veered into a restaurant causing the walls to collapse and killing 35-year-old Marquita Reed who was a practical nurse and a mother of two.

There were 6 individuals inside the restaurant at the time of the crash. Marquita Reed had been directly by the wall and was pinned under the vehicle. First responders managed to pull her out and get her to a hospital but it was too late, the doctors pronounced her dead shortly after her arrival. One other individual- Reed’s friend who had been dining with her- faced injuries due to the accident as well and the remaining four individuals were able to escape from the scene without facing any harm.

When police officers arrived on the scene they were surprised to learn that the driver responsible for the chaos was actually a fellow police officer who was driving under the influence. The first question that came to everyone’s mind when they discovered the driver was a police officer, was if the officer would be granted immunity, or if he would actually be penalized for his crime.

Since 24-year-old Terrance Finley was off-duty at the time of the accident, and since it was discovered that he was clearly intoxicated, his actions were taken very seriously by the court and he is facing all the charges any other offender would face. He was charged with aggravated DUI as a felony and also with reckless homicide with a motor vehicle as a felony as well.

Finley’s BAC was 0.083 when the accident occurred, which is just above the legal limit of 0.08. When questioned, Finley claimed he had to swerve in order to avoid hitting a vehicle which had cut him off and this sudden movement had caused him to jump the curb. Further investigation is required in order to determine how true his statements actually are.

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What should I do if I am falsely accused of getting into a drunk driving accident?

When a person is arrested for getting into a drunk driving accident they generally have to face severe penalties because, in most cases, it is automatically assumed their intoxicated state was the major contributing factor which caused the accident to happen. However, if the driver is able to prove that the other individual involved in the accident was actually responsible for the outcome they can have their charges reduced significantly.

An attorney who specializes in helping individuals with drunk driving accident cases will be able to assist a person in collecting the appropriate evidence and filling out the required paperwork to make a claim against the other driver. If anyone finds themselves in a situation where they were DUI but they were not responsible for the accident they should reach out to a legal professional in Chicago, IL to assist them in clearing their name.

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