Drunken driving is a nationwide problem in America and the biggest threat to public safety. There are harsh penalties for offenders that range from prison sentences to hefty fines. Furthermore, society frowns upon offenders and convicted persons often lose their jobs, which in turn leads to stress in family and personal relationships, and even jeopardizes their social lives.

Bad cop and no longer one for sure

The issue with drunken driving is that it does not take a hardened criminal to commit it. A senior woman from an upper class society can be a DUI offender too. In fact, it does not just stop there. Sometimes, the same law enforcement officers that are responsible to apprehend drunken drivers and stop the problem are found on the wrong side of the law themselves. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Erin Mowry, a Chicago police officer, who has now been charged with felony DUI and needs to post bond of $100,000, as reported by ABC News.


The officer was arrested after he crashed his 1997 Mercedes in Belmont Heights and severely injured one woman. Supposedly, the woman was hit by Mowry’s Mercedes and then landed on her head. She was rushed to Loyola University Medical Center and is said to be in critical condition. The woman had slipped into a coma at first but has now come out of it although she is still unresponsive according to her family.

Mowry confessed to having consumed alcoholic beverages prior to getting behind the wheel. He was subjected to a breathalyzer test which registered his blood alcohol content at 0.092%. Prosecutors slapped Mowry with misdemeanor DUI, but after learning of the extent of the injuries he had caused his victim, the charges were upgraded to aggravated DUI causing great bodily harm.

Mowry’s DUI attorney who could have been found on the sterling website USAttorneys.com commented saying that his client truly regretted what had happened and that his thoughts were with the victim and her family. Unfortunately this is not quite enough and drunk drivers of this sort show the most selfish and idiotic behavior according to most people.

DUI offender Bill Thompson handed a 15 years to life sentence

45 year old Bill Thompson who made the terrible decision to get behind the wheel after having consumed alcoholic beverages is heading to jail for a very long time. His lapse in judgment killed Susan Madsen, a mother of five, according to a ksl.com report. Susan’s widower, Jon Madsen, said that “Susan’s only priorities in life were her children and her family and now she was gone.”

DUI laws – why you need a DUI attorney

A DUI charge is serious business and is sure to impact all aspects of a DUI convicts life. Punishments include jail time that could range from one month to several years, depending on the severity of the case. In addition, a DUI could cost thousands and thousands of dollars in fines, a revoked driver’s license and much more. This is why it is always recommend that anyone facing DUI charges must appoint a qualified DUI attorney and present a tactful defense to prove their innocence or at least reduce their penalties.