Harlan Logan was driving southbound on Montgomery Road when he entered a DUI checkpoint area where Ohio State Highway Patrol and Norwood police department were exercising routine drunken-driving checks.

Logan was operating a black 2005 Chevrolet Blazer when officers signaled to him to stop. However, the driver stepped on the gas and took off at high speed, hoping to evade the officials. Logan’s decision to flee proved to be a costly one. He lost control of the vehicle and turned turtle after taking a sharp left turn.

A wild man on the loose

Apparently, even this sobering crash did not dampen Logan’s spirits. Officers reported that he contorted his way out of the passenger side window and started running on foot. He was no match for the officers that pursued him and was apprehended just moments later. According to police reports, nobody sustained any injuries.

Prosecutors have charged the Logan on several counts, including failure to obey simple orders, driving inebriated, and so on. He has also been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and reckless driving.

Needless to say, Logan and his DUI attorney which can be found on USAttorneys.com have a lot of explaining to do.

19-year old involved in high-speed chase charged with felony

Damien S. Hester is a 19-year old teen from Akron and has already been charged with a felony. The young motorist failed to yield to a signal from a police officer. Witnesses have reported that at one point during the high-speed chase, Hester was travelling at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour while it was snowing.

The incident, which occurred on Feb. 14th, started in Greenwich as Greenwich police officers chased the motorist on US highway 224 while he was making his way to Toledo. Hester who had no plans of stopping turned left at one point and ended up in Plymouth where he ran off the road on one occasion. Due to the weather conditions and the potential risks involved, especially considering the speeds at which the fleeing teen was driving, the Greenwich Police decided to give up on the chase.

Things were far from over for Hester because the Plymouth Police were still on his tail. Eventually police officers were able to catch up and arrest him. Officers reported that the car smelt of marijuana. A Greenwich Police officer came down to verify the teen’s identity and they subjected him to a blood alcohol content test. Hester’s BAC clocked in at 0.6 which is under the legal limit for adults according to Cincinnati OH DUI attorneys but since he is only 19 he was charged with a DUI as well.

Drunken-driving awareness campaigns have proven to be effective

A close look at the number of DUI cases filed over the years at Norwalk Municipal Court has revealed that there are fewer drunks on the roads these days than there were in 2004. In fact the number of DUI’s has reduced by almost half over a period of ten years. In 2004 there were 486 DUI cases, in 2014 that number has gone down to 291. Judges and DUI attorneys agree that this is largely because of increased awareness among the public regarding the dangers of drinking and driving.