Cincinnati, OH- Sam Hayes knows first-hand the devastation of drugged driving which is why the 26-year-old Ohio man had to take action when he say Hayes is now being hailed as a hero after chasing down and woman who police

Hayes told local station WKRC that his sister was hit head-on by man driving under the influence of heroin and will never walk again, so when he saw a white car driving recklessly on I-275 on August 21st he had to take action.

Hayes began chasing the white sedan and filming the driver’s reckless behavior, twice catching the driver run of the road into the center median. The driver of the sedan, Sandra Harris, can be seen traveling at high rates of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. At one point she stops on the side if the interstate, so Hayes took the opportunity confront he and hold her until police arrived.

When Hayes pulled over and confronted Harris, she admitted to driving off the road and apologized.  He said it was obvious she was under the influence of something and held her until police arrived.

You can see Hayes’ video at WKRC.

He told the TV station that in 2009 his sister was struck by driver who was high on heroin and was paralyzed. He wanted to make certain Harris wasn’t given the opportunity to hurt any other motorists.

Police arrived on the scene and placed Harris under arrest for suspicion of drugged driving. They said she was possibly under the influence of either heroin or methamphetamines.

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