Raleigh, NC- Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Josh Gordon landed in even more trouble over the holiday weekend after police in Raleigh, North Carolina arrested him for driving under the influence and speeding. This latest

Although with a stellar DUI attorney, the DWI and speeding charges won’t be a huge hassle, Gordon is still facing at least one year suspension from the NFL for failing drug test.

Saturday night, just after 3 a.m. police in Raleigh pulled Gordon over for driving over 50 miles in the 35 mph zone. He was then placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated, but when asked by ESPN Raleigh police would not comment on whether the arrest was drug or alcohol related.

No drug charges were filed and a local station WNCN reported his blood alcohol level was .09, barely above the state’s legal limit of .08. The NBC affiliate also reported that Gordon admitted officers that he had three vodka drinks earlier that evening.

Gordon was released on bond and his first court appearance is scheduled for late August.

Cleveland Browns manager Ray Farmers said in a statement he was aware of Gordon’s arrest and was disappointed but had no other comments.

According to ESPN, Gordon is facing a one season suspension for a testing positive for drug use. His hearing is in late July.

Gordon also recently pleaded not guilty for a speeding ticket. He was stopped for traveling 74 mph in a 60 mph zone. He also failed a drug test in Utah prior to being drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

The state of North Carolina uses a scale to for DWI penalties which are dictated by the mitigating circumstances a of a person’s arrest, such as their level of intoxication. DWIs are level 1 through level five offense with level 1 offenses carrying the tougher penalties.

No mandatory jail sentences are imposed for a DWI in North Carolina, but an individual judge can impose a sentence of one day up to three years in jail, depending on the circumstances of their arrest.

The fine for a first DWI/DUI offense can range from $200 to $1000 for level 3 through 5 offenses, which doesn’t include court costs, license reinstatement, ignition interlocks (if required), and alcohol awareness education.

After being charged with a DWI, a North Carolina driver can have their license suspended for a minimum of thirty days. It is possible to have a license reinstated with limited driving privileges after 10 days but it is necessary to retain a DUI/DWI attorney in the state.

When you are arrested for driving under the influence, there are a number of mitigating circumstances which can be used in your defense. For instance, in Gordon’s case, his blood alcohol level was a negligible amount over the legal limit. Such facts can be used by a DUI defense attorney to negotiate for a lesser charge on behalf of their clients.