University of Texas at El Paso Cheerleading Coach, David Vasquez was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico for DUI, drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol!

Can you give us a D, then a U, then an I!???!!!

UTEP takes steps to deal with coach

Vasquez, 43, who is now in Bernalillo County Jail waiting to be presented before the judge was arrested by the Albuquerque Police for driving dangerously while intoxicated (DWI) on Friday, Dec 19th 2014.  He was with the UTEP team as a cheer coach in Albuquerque where UTEP was slated to play Utah State University at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

The UTEP officials when contacted affirmed his position with the team. However, they said that after the incident and his arrest he was no longer an active member of the cheering team at Gildan. UTEP’s executive VP Richard Adauto very clearly stated that the university was aware of the arrest of their cheer coach and that he would no longer be allowed to participate in the Gildan Bowl activities.

Vasquez booked for DUI

Vasquez, along with four of his buddies was spotted by the police riding a blue 4-door sedan. None of the five passengers, who were all in an inebriated state, were wearing seatbelts. They refused to stop and after a short chase were pulled over at a traffic stop by another officer. The car, which was overloaded by passengers, was driven by Vasquez who police say was in a state of complete drunkenness. According to police, his eyes were bloodshot while his physical actions did not match his story of only having had a couple of drinks at the Effex Night Club.

Vasquez’s failed a sobriety test and was initially arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. He was taken to the Albuquerque Prisoner Transport Center where he declined to take a blood alcohol concentration test. He was subsequently booked at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center on a $5,250 bond.

New Mexico laws for DWI may place Vasquez in prison

According to Farming NM DUI attorneys, the state’s law mandates that motorists be charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated if found with a BAC level of 0.16 or above and refuse to take a blood test or cause bodily injury while driving under the influence.

At this time New Mexico is facing its own crisis with questions being raised about how DWI grant funds are being used by its counties. The Santa Fe New Mexican has reported the grant of $18M is sourced from liquor excise taxes. The spate of fatalities caused by DWI has been the reason behind the grant. While, it is true that in 2013, deaths from DWI dropped by 40% the goal is to lower it further. Rachel O’Connor, Santa Fe County Health and Human Services Division director, rightly points out that the grant which was meant to increase vigilantism to reduce DWI offences is now being used to reduce alcoholism which may not work and may send DWI statistics up again.

Farming NM DUI attorneys say, the outcome of this debate will in a way decide the harshness of the sentencing of Vasquez and others with DWI offenses.