Polk County, FL-Robert Torsten,the former Financial Officer for the Refco, a collapsed New York brokerage firm, tried to bribe his way out of a drunken driving charge when he was arrested two weeks ago in Central Florida.

Robert Trosten, 44, was stopped by Bradenton police on Monday, October 14th. He showed the typical signs of intoxication; blood shot eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol, but he wasn’t going to let himself be arrested without trying to swindle his way out.

Trosten was the former Financial Officer for Refco, a brokerage firm that collapsed after the chief executive, Phillip R. Bennett “admitted he was hiding hundreds of millions of dollars in bad debt from the company’s auditors and investors,” the New York Times reported.

Trosten was charged and sentenced for his participation in the Refco fraud, but he has yet to be sentenced. He has been cooperating with the feds and helping them prosecute other Refco employees involved in the scandal which was one of the largest from Wall Street until the financial collapse of 2008.

He has been cooperating with the feds by testifying against his former co-workers and any trouble with the law could jeopardize his agreement with the feds and thus land him in federal prison.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Trosten repeatedly asked the arresting officer to contact a detective who he thought could help him out. Failing that Trosten took a number of different approaches to avoid arrest and gave a number of reasons he should be allowed to walk.

Trosten told the officer that he would be a “big shot” if he arrested him. He also said, the federal government would be angry if Trosten was arrested because “he was a big deal.” He also insisted that his arrest would make the front page of the newspaper.” Of course, that didn’t happen, but he has gotten some press because he tried

After his pleas fell on deaf ears, Trosten then offered the arresting officer $1,000 to let him walk away. The officer, however, wasn’t convinced and took him to the county jail for booking. He also noted the bribe in his arrest report and it certainly won’t work in his favor.

Just days after his arrest Trosten and his attorneys tried to do some damage control. His attorney, Scott Morvillo released a statement, which read, “Mr. Trosten deeply regrets his conduct of Tuesday evening and is taking all measures to ensure that this will never happen again.”

Torsten’s blood alcohol level was between .198 and .213 according to the two tests taken at the county jail. Florida’s legal limit is .08.

No one wants to be charged with DUI, but trying to bribe an officer is not the best way to go about avoiding a DUI conviction. In fact it’s pretty stupid and will work against you in court. The surest way to avoid conviction is to hire a Polk County DUI attorney to work on your defense.