The principal of Cold Springs Elementary School has been put on administrative leave pending further notice, as reported by Disciplinary action against Phillip Gay was initiated after he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

As per police reports, he was charged following a routine traffic stop at Graham Street and Main Avenue on Christmas evening. The 45 year old principal who was immediately placed on administrative leave has been employed with Cullman County Schools since 2009. His contract expires in June 2017.

Shane Barnette, Cullman County Schools Superintendent termed the incident as unfortunate. He said that Gay was very interactive with the students and would appreciate everyone’s prayers and concern.

He also said that the principal was remorseful about the incident. According to Lt. Jeff Warnke of the Cullman Police Department, Gay failed field sobriety tests. However, he also mentioned that they could not register a blood alcohol level due to a malfunction in the Draeger instrument.

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According to police, they had reasonable suspicion to pull Gay’s vehicle over since they observed him driving erratically. The case is in municipal court where the defendant has the right to enter a plea.

Some people just do not get it. How do you have that much disdain for society? You can drink all you want at your friend’s home, your home, just do not drive drunk!

Pending Trial for Murder Charge doesn’t Deter Blount County Man from a Second DUI

Callin Curlette, a resident of Blount County, has been charged with a second DUI while out on bond for a fatal 2013 crash for which he is awaiting trial. According to, he caused a fatal collision on Sept. 1st, 2013 that resulted in the death of James Gill.

He was reportedly driving under the influence on the wrong side of Highway 79 when he collided with Gill’s vehicle. Incidentally, the victim had beaten cancer and resided at Blount County with his stepsister Martha Hogeland.

According to Pam Casey, Blount County’s district attorney, Curlette’s BAC or blood alcohol content level was .219%, which is well over the legal limit of .08%. This will only lead to additional penalties and punishment. It looks like Callin Curlette has an issue! How come some people cannot call up Uber? How come some people like Callin Curlette cannot just sleep it off in their car?

So Callin Curlette killed someone and is not locked up right now?

A grand jury indicted Curlette for murder in 2014 while he posted bail at $75,000. For the most part, the trial has been delayed on several occasions which the district attorney says is primarily due to the fact that there is only one circuit judge in the city of Oneonta. Callin Curlette likes to spend a lot of money on legal issues apparently.

Curlette’s second DUI arrest occurred in October last year where toxicology reports indicated a BAC of .189%. The district attorney had soon after filed a motion to revoke his bail bond, which has now been approved by the judge. Some people just cannot be trusted in society.

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