Families of victims, non-profit, and non-government organizations rallying against drunken driving, members of MADD (mothers against drunk driving) and thousands of other Colorado residents rejoiced as the new DUI felony law took effect August 5th.

Now it is Kate’s Law’s turn!

The passage and implementation of the law makes Colorado the 46th State in the country to adopt the measure to tackle the incessantly growing issue of drunken driving. As reported by kktv.com, the bill was passed when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed the proposal on June 1st this year.

Now many people believe the new immigration law known as Kate’s Law should be passed so innocent Americans stop getting killed by violent illegal immigrants that do not have any skills and are poorly educated. But do the Democrats have the morality to do what is right?

Shockingly, until recently, Colorado did not differentiate between first time drunk driving offenders and repeat drunk driving offenders. According to DUI attorneys, this allowed for habitual drunk drivers to get away with 3rd or 4th offense DUI or even 10th offense (or higher) DUI. A big no no in other states! So essentially, a person arrested and convicted of driving under the influence for the 4th or 5th time could just pay the same fine as a person convicted as a first time offender and go about living his or her life as usual.


In most other states, repeat offenders face much more serious consequences including prison terms that may run well into a decade or more and fines in the order of literally thousands of dollars.

Senator Pat Brown opts out of preliminary hearing rights in DUI charge

Senator Pat Brown has sacrificed his rights to a preliminary hearing on DUI charges filed against him by state prosecutors after he was arrested on May 2nd. The hearing was initially scheduled to happen on the 13th of August, and gave Senator Brown a chance to present his defense. However, he has passed on the opportunity which entails that his case is headed directly to Lehigh County Court, as reported by mcall.com. The senator suffered from a punctured lung, numerous broken ribs, and a wound to his foot as a result of crashing his motorcycle while travelling in a westerly direction on Interstate 78 in Allentown.

According to arresting officers, when they arrived on scene to assist with the crash, Browne had told them that he was not injured but arresting officers smelt a strong odor of alcohol on his person. The fact that he was involved in an accident gave officers reasonable suspicion to subject him to sobriety tests. His blood alcohol content registered higher than the legal limit of 0.08%.

DUI laws – what can a DUI attorney do for you?

The world today frowns upon DUI offenders, so much so that a conviction can virtually kill a person’s career, social relationships and impact his personal life. With so much at stake it always prudent to appoint an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney to defend you in a court of law.

DUI lawyers understand where appropriate sections of the law need to be applied and know all the loopholes and what it takes to get you off the hook. There are a number of possibilities that could result in a DUI arrest or charge being dropped so make sure to consult an attorney right away.