During this time of year, it is no secret that the number of DUI arrests increases. Colorado just recently wrapped up their latest DUI enforcement period, which ran from December 1 to December 11th.  During this period, 656 DUI arrests were made. Last year, during this same time, 568 arrests were made involving drunk drivers, according to KDVR. This year so far, 200 people have been killed in an alcohol-related crash which exceeds last year’s total which was 197. Twenty-one of those individuals lost their lives between November and December in 2016.

While officers will still be out patrolling the streets in an attempt to catch intoxicated drivers, they will heighten their awareness during these scheduled DUI enforcement periods. The next DUI enforcement period will begin on December 29th and run through January 2nd. As New Year’s quickly approaches us, officers from all departments along with the Colorado Department of Transportation will be out in full force working to identify anyone who might be driving while under the influence.

Harsher DUI Laws Recently Took Effect in Colorado

While we all know that driving while intoxicated imposes great danger to those driving the vehicle as well as the other people around them, they also carry some pretty harsh penalties. Back in August, the penalties for DUI intensified. Some of these new laws include:

  • If someone is convicted of a felony of drinking and driving, they will be required to serve 90 to 180 days in jail if a judge decides to give them probation.
  • DUI offenders who are sentenced to work release will be required to serve 120 days to two years in jail.
  • When convicted of a DUI for the fourth time or any subsequent time after that, your DUI charge will automatically be upgraded to a felony.

[Source: KDVR].

What to do when faced with a DUI charge in Denver, CO

Aside from the new laws that have taken effect, it is important to note that any DUI charge is going to result in some sort of consequence. Whether you are sentenced to time in jail, hit with exuberant fines and fees, or are required to spend time on probation, it is likely you will be faced with some sort of penalty for driving drunk.

However, if you elect to hire a Denver DUI defense attorney, you can be sure that the charges you are faced with are the corresponding charges for the crime committed. Not only will a lawyer have your best interest in mind, but they will be sure you understand your case and the basics of being charged with this type of crime. It can be a scary thing to be faced with such a hefty charge, especially if it is your first run-in with the law.

Therefore, if you were recently charged with a DUI and you are search of a reputable and helpful DUI defense attorney in Denver, CO who can help you with your case, call USAttorneys.com. They will get connected with a professional who will be sure to provide you with the advice and guidance you are seeking.