If there was ever a case to make that repeat drunk drivers need to be punished more stringently or will continue to drink and drive then this is the one.

As reported by ktvq.com, a man from Colorado has been sentenced and will spend 6 years behind the bars of his prison cell after he was convicted for his 12th DUI.

The convict in the case has been identified as Eliazar Morales and he is going to be subjected to the new tougher guidelines that have just recently been passed by Colorado state lawmakers in 2016, as explained by DUI lawyers in Colorado who can be picked off the user friendly website USAttorneys.com which has helped out countless people thus far in their pursuit to find the legal counselor they need.

Morales is lucky he is alive and going to be in a prison cell rather than six feet under because he was driving drunk through a major road in Denver. He came very close to causing a catastrophe where not only he risked his own life, but also those of other pedestrians and motorists that were also using public roads.

This just shows you how pathetic Colorado is. It is a liberal state which mainly coddles criminals. This is the punishment this person should have faced after his 4th conviction.

BAC twice the legal limit

It was a law enforcement officer who spotted Morales and his risky driving. The officer pulled him over after he witnessed Morales make a u-turn in a reckless and erratic manner which resulted in cars behind him having to brake suddenly in order to avert rear ending Morales’ car. The officer then pulled over Morales, subjected him to sobriety testing and then placed him under arrest for suspected DUI.

It turned out that Morales was not just over the maximum blood alcohol limit of 0.08%, but was at twice the threshold. Furthermore, officers soon discovered that this whole ordeal was not unfamiliar to Morales. He had been in this predicament several times before – 12 times to be precise. Eight of these arrests were in the state of Colorado while the rest were out of state. However, shockingly he had somehow managed to fly under the radar and never had to do any extended prison time or sentence.

Thanks to the new laws that were passed by Colorado legislators, Morales will finally be removed from the roads and put into a prison as he should be. This means one less drunk driver on the street which means the roads are safer than they were yesterday.

These new laws, for all you know, may just have saved a life or two – maybe even Morales’ own life considering his track record but his life really does not mean much. Anyone who does not care about other people should not have their existence respected.

Attorney council calls for stricter laws

The Colorado Attorney Council are still not satisfied with the laws and say that they need even more serious or stringent laws against repeat drunk drivers.

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