Aurora, CO- To most Americans 4/20 is just another day, but to stoners it is a holiday, a day to smoke copious amounts of ganja. But as thousands of tourists converge in Colorado to celebrate weed, police are warning residents and visitors that if they drive stoned, they will be charged with a DUI.

Law enforcement agencies in Colorado are changing their messaging. Instead of trying to encourage people from avoiding marijuana, they are encouraging residents and tourist to use pot safely at 4/20 events across the state.

The Colorado Department of Transportation launched their “Get High, Get a DUI” campaign this weekend at the various 4/20 festivals in Denver and across the state and will continue Monday and into Tuesday as the stoner holiday winds down.

The CDOT will focus on the demographic most likely to drive high- men aged  1 to 34- by handing out snacks emblazoned with the message the driving high is illegal at festivals across the state. They have also installed free video games at dispensaries which warn patrons not to smoke and drive the Coloradan reported.

Authorities are also conjuring up Cheech & Chong by using two prop cars that rapidly fill up with the smoke. Then, once the smoke clears, the campaign slogan, “Drive High, Get a DUI,” can be seen inside the car.

Regardless of studies that show marijuana doesn’t increase a person’s chance of being involved in traffic accident, it is still illegal to drive after smoking pot in Colorado. Last year, 12 percent of DUIs issued in the state involved drivers high on marijuana, according to the Coloradan.

A conviction for driving high caries the same penalties as drunken driving, a person faces a potential jail sentence, loss of their driving privileges and costly fines. A conviction also means a person will have a criminal record hanging over them and that can affect them in ways they may not realize. It’s best not to drive after taking any potentially intoxicating substance, but don’t make another mistake by not getting the legal help you need.

While the penalties are the same, the way Colorado DUI attorney should approach you defense is much different. The prosecution must be able to prove a driver was intoxicated at the time of their arrest and doing so in regards to marijuana is more difficult because of the way the body metabolizes marijuana. A regular user can have enough THC in their system to be over the legal limit of 5 Nano grams even when they are not impaired or feel no effects of the drug in their system. This is something the DUI defense attorneys at USAttorneys understand and will use to your advantage.

If you have been charged with a DUI, do the smart thing and consult with an attorney so they can begin working on your case. The consequences of a DUI arrest are immediate so you need immediate legal guidance if you want to five yourself a fighting chance of avoiding collision.