Salem, OR- In a recent National Roadside survey, researchers found that more and more motorists tested positive for marijuana. In fact, Americans are increasingly combine pot with alcohol, but as it turns out having a beer with a joint is more combination than users realize.

A recent study published in the journal Clinical Chemistry found that marijuana users who also consume alcohol increase the concentration of THC in their blood stream, which could also increase their risk of being in a DUI crash.

Nineteen participants were given either low doses of an alcoholic beverage or a placebo and were then given either a marijuana placebo or doses of marijuana with high and low THC concentrations. Of the participants who were given alcohol in combination with pot, there THC concentration was significantly elevated.  If you wish to delve deeper into the study, this link will take you to a press release from the American detailing the results of the study.

This is the first study to examine how consuming alcohol and marijuana together affect the user.

When it comes to DUI accidents, alcohol is usually the culprit when you take into a consideration a comprehensive study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That study examined whether marijuana use increases a motorist chances of causing a collision. Contrary to what marijuana naysayers claim, the study found that marijuana users are NOT at a greater risk of being in a traffic accident. This study and several others concluded that stoned drivers are aware that they are impaired and take steps to make up for that impairment on the road.

The same cannot be said of alcohol which often leads motorists to take more risks behind the wheel and effects their motor skills more

Alcohol may make a marijuana users feel higher, but it’s is more likely than not that the 8.4 percent increased accident risk for combined users is due to the alcohol. Even so, if you are either high, drunk or both and are pulled over, you’re likely going to be facing a DUI charge.

A DUI charge, whether it involves alcohol or marijuana can lead to numerous penalties. In Oregon, a first-time DUI offender, for either drugs of alcohol face up to one year in jail, fines up to $2,000, suspension of their driver’s license and will have to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

The consequences of a DUI don’t stop with the legal system. A conviction will leave a person with a criminal record and their employment and future job opportunities may be effected. That is why is crucial for anyone facing this charge to contact an Oregon DUI attorney to work on their defense; it’s their best chance to avoid a conviction and a mark on their record.

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