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Each year, thousands of people get charged with a DUI in Connecticut. By having the best DUI lawyer possible handling your case, you will drastically increase your chances of not only having your charges lowered, but possibly dropped. The DUI lawyer you choose from our network will handle all the lengthy paperwork and contact all the necessary agencies, insurance companies and third parties involved to expedite your claim. Rest easy knowing that your case is being represented by a DUI lawyer who specializes in the field.

The state of Connecticut imposes severe penalties on motorists that are found guilty of drinking and driving. Driving under the influence (DUI) charges are incurred if a motorist is operating a vehicle with blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher, however, there are several other factors that may lead to a motorist being charged with driving while intoxicated in Connecticut.


As with several other states, Connecticut DUI laws are very strict for motorists under the age of 21. Minors do not have to have a minimum BAC level of .08 percent in order to be charged with driving while intoxicated. Any minor that is caught drinking and driving with a BAC of .02 percent or above is charged with DUI.

Factors that Lead to Connecticut DUI Charges

In the state of Connecticut, DUI charges are contingent upon several factors. Depending on the motorist’s age and type of license, the minimum BAC level needed to be charged with DUI changes, as do the punishments. Connecticut drivers will be charged with DUI if they fall under any of the following criteria:
• If driver is under the age of 21 with a BAC level of .02 percent or higher
• If driver has a commercial driver license and is operating a vehicle with a BAC level of .04 percent or higher
• If driver is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both
• If driver is operating motor vehicle with a BAC level of .08 or higher

Implied Consent Laws

The state of Connecticut imposes implied consent laws, meaning that all drivers in the state are assumed to consent to a chemical, breath or urine test to determine if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those who refuse to submit to testing will be penalized in the same manner as those who are convicted of DUI and may have your license suspended for 6 months.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Connecticut?

Drivers arrested for DUI in Connecticut will be taken to jail and held until bail charges are settled. A DUI charge in Connecticut is a criminal offense and suspects are issued both a summons and court date. If the driver is convicted in court, penalties and fines may be incurred. Punishments will vary upon the age of the driver, type of license and how many previous offenses the driver has been convicted of.

Penalties for DUI convictions in Connecticut

The following are the penalties incurred by motorists who are found guilty of drinking and driving in Connecticut:

1st DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 48 hours to 6 months
• 100 hours community service (in lieu of jail time)
• Fine from $500 to $1,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year
• Mandatory completion of substance abuse treatment program
• Vehicle is towed and impounded for 48 hours

2nd DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 120 days to 2 years
• Minimum 100 hours community service
• Fine from $1,000 to $4,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year
• Mandatory completion of substance abuse treatment program
• Vehicle is towed and impounded for 48 hours
• Mandatory ignition interlock device for 2 years following license suspension

3rd DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 1-3 years
• Minimum 100 hours community service
• Fine from $2,000 to $6,000
• Driver’s license permanently suspended (hearing may be requested after 6 years)


Motorists who are found to have been driving with a BAC level of .15 percent and above are considered to be “extremely intoxicated.” These drivers will be subject to mandatory drug testing and must enroll in a drug or alcohol treatment facility as part of the sentencing requirements.

How to Contest DUI Charges

If you have incurred a DUI in Connecticut, you may face a lifetime of hardships if you are found guilty. Not only will you be faced with expensive fines and punishments, but you will also have a hard time with other aspects of your life, such as employment, finance matters and other areas. Many times, motorists are unfairly charged with DUI, where it is because the arresting officer used a faulty breathalyzer device or because they arrested the motorist on suspicion alone without proof. While incurring a DUI charge may be frightening, there is a way to fight it. Speak to a top DUI lawyer today to contest your charges in court.

When you work with a top Connecticut DUI attorney, you can rest assured that your case will end with the best possible outcome. Your paralegal will investigate the incident and ensure that any evidence in your favor is brought to light. If there is no proof of you having consumed alcohol or drugs and driving, your DUI lawyer will not rest until your charges are dropped.

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