Detroit, MI – Increasing rates of drunk driving fatalities are causing Michigan Police to crack down on drunk drivers.

The Detroit News reports that local authorities are planning to focus on enforcing DUI laws in the next coming months, with special attention paid during Labor Day weekend. After all, it is the deadliest holiday for traffic accidents in Michigan since 1972.

Starting Friday, August 18th, and running through September 4th, Michigan Police Officers will be ticketing suspected drunk drivers as part of the new “Do a 360” campaign, which was announced this past Thursday at the Anchor Bar in downtown Detroit.

Commander of the Detroit Police Department, Elvin Barren, warns drivers of what the consequences are for even first-time DUI offenders. In Michigan, this includes a $500 fine, points on their driving record, 360 hours of community service, and up to 93 days in jail.

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The “Do a 360” campaign comes in response to recent crash statistics for the first half of 2017 that were released just days earlier. According to the National Safety Council, the total number of miles driven nationwide are up 1.7 percent, while driving fatalities are down one percent.

However, Michigan is not doing so hot as they are currently up six percent for traffic deaths, and up 20 percent compared to 2015. Michigan Department of Transportation also released weekly figures that revealed their 622 fatal car accidents are five percent more opposed to a similar point in 2016.

Further statistics from the Office of Highway Safety Planning reveal that out of 980 deadly car accidents in Michigan, 251 were caused by drunk drivers. In fact, Labor Day weekend has been the most fatal holiday for drivers in Michigan with an average of 19 deaths. To put it in perspective, both Fourth of July weekend and Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan averages 18 fatalities, while Memorial Day weekend averages 17 fatalities.

The director of fleet operations for DTE Energy, Michael Homan, says he is constantly worried about drunk drivers. Considering he manages 4,500 fleet vehicles for DTE employees who travel about 40 million miles a year for the company, who can blame him?

The last thing you want on your record is a DUI charge. Here’s how to avoid tickets and travel safely in Michigan this upcoming Labor Day weekend:

  • Assign a designated sober driver. If there is no designated driver, call a cab or use a ride-sharing service.
  • Make sure all occupants in the vehicle are wearing seat belts.
  • Pay attention to what is going on on the road.
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