Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn pleaded guilty to a DUI charge in Kittitas County after driving his pickup into a ditch last month. The 43 year old chose not to opt for a deferred prosecution as a first time offender and accepted responsibility for his actions. He said his decision to drink and drive was dumb and unfortunate and that public officials must be held to the highest standard. Dunn acknowledged a drinking problem and first sought treatment in 2011.

His treatment should have been someone telling him: “Don’t be stupid” over and over again.

Ditches are not Suitable Parking Spaces

Dunn, who was at his cabin in the Cle Elum area of Central Washington, admitted to drinking four to five beers on the evening of Aug. 12th at two restaurants. While driving seven miles to his cabin in a rainstorm he ran his pickup into a ditch. The impact activated the side air bags and the 911 automatic alert system, following which he spoke with a 911 dispatcher. A neighbor picked Dunn up from the accident spot and dropped him off at home. He fell asleep immediately after and woke up when deputies arrived to investigate and determine if there was sufficient evidence to arrest him for driving under the influence.

According to police reports, an officer observed that Dunn’s eyes were bloodshot and speech slurred. He was also uneasy on his feet while his breath smelt of alcohol. Upon being told that alcohol could have been the reason why he crashed on a straight stretch of road, Dunn admitted that it was a fair statement. He refused a breathalyzer test and was cited and released shortly after.

No Fight

On pleading guilty, Bellevue based Dunn, was sentenced to a day in Kittitas County jail along with over $3,000 in penalties and fines. For refusing a breath test, Dunn will have his driver’s license revoked for one year. He claims to have already installed an ignition interlock device in his car and has applied for a provisional license. Dunn’s DUI attorney said his client did have enough grounds to challenge or be eligible for a deferred prosecution which when combined with an alcohol abuse program would lead to a dismissal of the offense. However, he chose to plead guilty.

At least this dog knows not to drive when drunk unlike Reagan Dunn.

Dunn’s enrollment in an in-house alcohol abuse program in 2011 was not made public just before the August 2013 primary since the information was over two years old. There was also no evidence of alcohol affecting his job accept that is verifies he cannot control his urges and he puts other people at risk on the road. During the six month outpatient alcohol counseling program he also attended AA and group counseling sessions in his council district.

Dunn’s mother, late Jennifer Dunn, was the first woman and Washington state congressman on the House Republican leadership team. Dunn is also a former federal prosecutor and was elected thrice to the Metropolitan King County Council. In 2012, he lost the race as a Republican for state attorney general. This is another reason why the economy in Washington is nothing to smile about. High taxes and regulations are doing nothing good for this far northwestern state because they mainly vote Democrat.

Another Idea on How to Deal with Selfish DUI Criminals

Meanwhile, Chelan County DUI attorneys say the pilot program to short leash repeat DUI offenders was put on hold earlier this year. The county was one among several others to participate in the program where blood tests were to be conducted twice a day for repeat offenders. The authorities questioned its constitutionality since it would have sanctioned suspected offenders prior to conviction. It also seems pretty expensive as well.