If you are like most people, you never thought you would need a criminal defense attorney until the moment that you needed one.  After all, no one intends to get caught committing a crime.  People who stop to carefully plan out crimes prior to committing them rarely consider the fact that they may be caught unless they are part of a criminal organization, and, for those people, doing time is often a cost of doing business. However, most criminal defendants are not career criminals; instead, they are normal, everyday people who made a bad decision or a series of bad decisions that resulted in an arrest and being charged with a crime.  This is true for minor crimes, but it is also true for some of the more horrific charges people might be facing. In addition to facing the upheaval that comes with criminal charges, defendants are often facing family problems, financial troubles, and other social consequences as a result of that same behavior.

The Law Offices of Robert Gregg knows that a bad decision does not make you a bad person, but that society does not necessarily share his view.  He also knows that if you have inadequate representation, a single bad decision could have a lifelong negative impact in areas that go well beyond criminal consequences.  The reality is that a criminal record will impact your ability to get a job, find housing, and may even impact things like child custody.  Of course, Robert cannot promise you an acquittal; no reputable attorney can.  However, he can promise you that, unlike some other defense attorneys, he will exhaust every pre-trial venue for dismissal and explore your chances for acquittal before talking with you about a plea bargain.  To contact Robert for a free consultation, call him at 214-559-3592 or visit him online at http://www.gregglawdallas.com.