For decades, America has taken a tough-on-crime approach to criminal justice that is meant to inhibit criminal behavior and emphasize victim’s rights.  While there is little evidence that the approach actually results in lower crime rates or has a beneficial impact on victims or their families, the tough-on-crime approach has had a significant impact on the treatment of criminal defendants in the United States.  The presumption of innocence that is a bolstered by various guarantees in our Constitution has weakened and, from the moment a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they are treated with a presumption of guilt by many in the criminal justice system, from police officers to prosecutors, judges, and even juries.

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What does this mean for you if you have been charged with a crime?  If you are charged with a crime that you did not commit, you may feel like the mistake will inevitably be corrected, but the reality is that the evolution of scientific evidence like DNA is only beginning to reveal how many wrongfully convicted people are sitting in prisons and jails.  If you are charged with a crime that you did commit, you may be anticipating leniency or feel as if attorneys are interchangeable.  However, a good attorney can guide you through the process and help you make the best decisions at every opportunity, which means that even if the evidence against you means that a conviction is likely, a good attorney may be able to get you a significantly reduced sentence or even some type of alternative sentencing.

Attorney Kevin Raudt is a former Broward County Assistant State Attorney who understands that the criminal justice system is stacked against defendants.  Now he uses the experience he gained as a prosecutor to help criminal defendants navigate that system.  To schedule a free consultation with Kevin, contact him at 954-765-1300 or visit him online at