(Cuyahoga, OH) – January 3rd, 2017: Law enforcement officers are the ones who bust drunk or drugged drivers and make our roads safer for all to use. However, every so often, the drunk driver in question is a law enforcement officer himself or herself and this happens to be the case with Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department deputy David Miller, as reported by clevescene.com.

Miller was taken into custody for suspected drunken driving on Christmas Eve and his arrest was executed by officers belonging to the North Olmstead Police. He was pulled over because he tried to illegally over take a vehicle on the left when the other vehicle attempted to turn left, and ended up striking Miller’s car say arresting officers.

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Miller was subjected to a field sobriety test which he failed and then declined to be subjected to a breathalyzer test. When his criminal record was looked up, it transpired that this was not the first time Miller had gotten into trouble with the law. He had previously been convicted of a DUI or an OVI as known in the state back in both 1994 and 2007, which could potentially influence any current charges say fantastic DUI lawyers in Cuyahoga, OH.

However, authorities have confirmed that no disciplinary action will be taken against Miller until the case has been ruled upon by the court system. Currently, Miller is on unpaid administrative leave.

Fire Chief of Ohio City Put on Administrative Leave Following DUI Arrest

A Southwest Ohio Fire Chief who happens to be the Chief of Middletown has been placed on administrative leave following a recent arrest for suspected driving under the influence. The suspect in the case has been identified as Fire Chief Paul Lolli who was pulled over and arrested in the early hours of the morning before sunrise, as reported by wtol.com.

According to City Law Director Les Landen, the 55 year old suspect has so far been co-operative with the internal investigation which the city investigators hope to complete soon. He has no prior run ins with the law and has had a clean slate of a record up until now. Lolli’s Ohio DUI attorney has not responded to calls requesting comment from media personnel.

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