Pittsfield, ME- Imagine the surprise when Maine police responded to a drunken driving accident only to find that the suspect was Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. Or more appropriately, a man returning from a Halloween Party dressed as the Joker.

Dennis Lalime, 64, was attending a Halloween bash over the weekend where he apparently had a few too many. As Lalime was driving home, he lost control of his car, careening of the side of a road in Pittsfield, Maine. The Morning Sentinel reported that The Joker, crashed into a patch of trees and came to rest after his Buick Regal crashed into a rock—we’re assuming it was a big one.

A man in the neighborhood heard the crash and called the police.

When police arrived on the scene they found the Lalime, who was not injured dressed as The Joker, Batman’s psychotic, green-haired nemesis.

Unlike the Joker, Lalime was cooperative with the police and told them he was returning from a Halloween party in Old Towne.

Lalime was charged with OUI, but police managed to get a mugshot of The Joker.

Halloween is good for funny and bizarre drunk driving stories. One of our favorites is the story of a zombie in Alabama who was arrested for driving under the influence early in the morning on All Soul’s Day.

Police in Birmingham, Alabama got strange calls early the morning that a woman was sitting at an intersection, possibly suffering from a gunshot wound. Fortunately, when police arrived they discovered that woman slumped over the wheel was not actually shot, but a drunken woman dressed as a pregnant zombie.

The woman was covered in fake blood so it’s no wonder people thought she was shot.

Police aroused the woman and placed her under arrest for drunken driving. She seemed to take it stride telling reporters, “It’s all good.”

Ahh, Halloween such a fun time of the year, enjoyed by the old and young alike. While kids gorge themselves on candy and sugary treats, adults prefer the liquid variety. As we all know we don’t always make the soundest decisions when we’ve had too much to drink and when that bad decision entails driving, our Halloween fun can turn into a horror.

Seriously, drinking and driving is no joke, if you plan on going out for Halloween, plan ahead, designate a driver, call a cab or a friend or you might end up in a jail cell and you never know what creatures of the night you’ll run into there.

If you are busted for drinking and driving, you’ll soon learn it is not “all good.” A DUI charge is serious; they cost thousands of dollars. You could go to jail and lose your license if you are convicted, which could really put a damper on future Halloween celebrations. When you’ve made the decision to drink and drive and have the misfortune of being arrested and charged, you need a DUI attorney, otherwise you’ll things could get scary fast.