Dallas, TX-Do you know how many DWI officers are on Dallas’ drunk driving task force? Ten officers? Five officers maybe? Those would seem like a bare minimum in a city the size of Dallas, but the reality is far more surprising.

For the whole city of Dallas, there is only ONE DWI officer. Only one officer on the force is specially trained to conduct DWI stops and arrests, leaving the task of keeping the roads safe to patrol officers who should be handling other more serious crimes. That’s a significant reduction over the past several years when there were close to ten DWI officers working for the Dallas Police Department.

And the reduction in DWI officers is showing as DWI arrests in Dallas have fallen drastically, roughly 50 percent. WFAA reports that in 2009, DPD arrested 3,481 for drunken driving, but in 2015, DPD officers only arrested 1,598 drunk drivers.

That decrease in DWI arrests concerns many in Dallas, according to WFAA, including the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Dallas Police Association. Both agencies noted that other communities have larger DWI task forces and manage to take more unsafe drivers off of the road. Take Austin, for example, which has 15 DWI officers and five supervisors.

The fact that there is only one officer dedicated solely to DWI enforcement means mistakes and wrongful arrests are going to happen. A patrol officer who doesn’t regularly conduct DWI stops can misinterpret the results of standardized field sobriety tests.

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