You could be sentenced up to one year in jail and lose your license for five years for your second DUI conviction in Illinois.

DUI Lawyer in Decatur, Illinois discusses the penalties for a second DUI

Decatur, IL- Drunk driving is a problem in all 50 States and a leading cause of traffic accidents. Thousands of Illinois residents are arrested for DUI each year, and about half of them are facing their second DUI arrest. In this article, USAttorneys’ legal team in Illinois will discuss the consequences of a second DUI charge in Illinois.

Lookback period

If you are arrested for DUI, you need to be aware that the lookback period in Illinois lasts as long as you retain your driver’s license. That means that no matter how much time has elapsed between your first and second or subsequent DUI conviction you will be charged with a repeat offense. If you negotiated a plea bargain for your first DUI charge, it would count as a DUI conviction of you face another DUI.

Penalties for a second DUI conviction in Decatur

A second DUI conviction in Illinois is considered a misdemeanor unless the offender causes and accident that involves bodily harm.

A conviction for a second DUI  in Decatur, Illinois could result in a mandatory minimum of five days in jail, but you could face up to one year of incarceration depending on the details of your crash.  For example, if you were with repeat DUI after you caused an injurious accident, you could get the maximum penalty. For a second DUI, you also face fines up to $2,500 and must participate in 240 hours of community service. You will also have your license suspended for five years.

Can I get a plea bargain for a second DUI in Illinois?

State statutes forbid second DUI offenders from getting a plea bargain, which makes a DUI defense crucial.

The stakes are high if you are facing a repeat DUI charge in Illinois and you will find it more difficult to get a lenient sentence. A first DUI can be viewed as a mistake, but that’s a hard argument to make for a repeat offense. If you are facing a repeat DUI, you need to retain a DUI lawyer in Decatur, Illinois to work on your claim. USAttorneys has a dedicated team of defense lawyers to help you avoid conviction.

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