The Heat is On DUI enforcement campaign runs in Denver between June 16 and June 26, so motorist will see more police and may encounter a roadblock.

Denver, CO– It’s not the first day of summer yet, but the summer is already underway in Denver and beginning June 16th motorists will notice more police on the roads. Drivers might even encounter a roadblock or two once Colorado law enforcement agencies kick off their “Heat Is On” drunk driving enforcement campaign kicks off.

Summer Brings More Traffic Accidents

Summer means more travel for most Americans and often entail weekend road trips, and that means traffic on the highways and surface roads become very crowded. Another reason summer road crashes increase is that there are more teen drivers are on the road, and they often take risks more experienced drivers won’t take.

In Colorado, drunken and drugged driving is also the primary cause of road fatalities. According to KKTV, last year June saw 21 drunk driving fatalities in Colorado. In July and August, there were 22 impaired driving deaths each month.

The Heat is On DUI Enforcement Campaign

Because there are so many drunk driving fatalities during the summer months, law enforcement agencies across the state will be out in greater numbers looking for impaired drivers as the busy travel season picks up. Denver Police and other agencies throughout Colorado will kick off the campaign June 16th and continue until June 23rd.

While the “Heat is On” campaign is running, there will be saturation patrols at key times for drunk drivers and police will set up roadblocks in various areas throughout Denver.

In a press release issued by the Colorado Department of Transportation, Darrell Lingk, Director of the Office of Transportation Safety said: “Historically, summer in Colorado is marked by an increase in impaired driving arrests.” He added, “Working with CSP and law enforcement partners; our goal is to keep Coloradans safe by removing impaired drivers and eliminating alcohol-related deaths on our roads this summer.”

Consult with a DUI Lawyer in Denver

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If you are convicted of a DUI or DWAI, you face up to one year in jail and over $10K in fines and associated costs. Those are just two of the consequences of an impaired driving conviction. A conviction will leave you with a charge that will remain on your record for up to ten years. There are many more penalties and reasons to fight your drunk or drugged driving charges.

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