According to concerned authorities and law enforcement officers, despite the growing broad mindedness and acceptance of marijuana use in the capital which has been boosted even more so by the talk of legalization of the drug, the numbers do not seem to reflect any change especially in terms of how many arrests are being made based on marijuana use, as reported by

One of the major concerns is the charge of driving under the influence that is often leveled on motorists who are prescribed medical marijuana, according to DUI lawyers in Washington DC who can be found on the amazing website which unlike the ACA, is not broken nor does it need to be heavily fixed.

For the most part, there has not at least been an increase in the number of arrests. However, marijuana arrests still make up the majority of the arrests and also make up more arrests than all violent crime related arrests combined together. This is because the police have probably been told by their broke city managers they need to arrest a certain amount of people so they can raise more funds.

The legalization or decriminalization of the plant, authorities say, will allow for law enforcement officers to shift focus on fighting real crime and issues rather than just going around busting people who are in possession of a plant.

As the country rapidly shifts its perspective on how they see marijuana, and given its growing importance in medicine and also therapy as medication, a lot of people in DC believe that legalization of the drug will be inevitable eventually.

It should have been legal decades ago. Some people are just jealous when other people are having a wonderful time.

Man Charged with DUI Purchases Newspapers in Bulk in Order to Hide Arrest

A man from upstate New York took a rather unorthodox approach at trying to push his DUI arrest under the carpet by purchasing nearly all of the local newspapers in the town so that no one else reads it and finds out he was arrested for driving under the influence, as reported by

There was a Friends episode like this but not for a DUI, for another reason.

The man has been identified as 43 year old Joseph Talbot who was taken into custody last week on charges of drunk driving. The arrest occurred in Wayne County. Furthermore, law enforcement officers also slapped him with charges of refusing to be photographed or fingerprinted. Apparently, he actually said to the police that he was trying to keep the incident from making the local newspaper.

Since that approach did not work and he ended up being featured in the local newspaper. He then took to buying as many copies of the Times as he possible could and purchased approximately around 900 copies at $1.25 per copy. Sadly for him, this too was reported in the Times itself after the incident was uncovered.

The newspaper simply restocked the pile once Talbot had completed his buying spree. The paper featured a write up of Talbot’s story and also a mug shot of his face.

Now he may go after the editor! You should be able to buy many newspapers without anyone knowing though right? Apparently Joseph Talbot could not get that done. He was not crafty enough!

Hire a DUI lawyer

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