Detroit, MI- A little over two years after he was arrested for driving drunk, an Alabama judge has sentenced Lions’ Nick Fairley a six month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to reckless driving and DUI.

Although Fairley won’t be spending time behind bars, he will serve one year probation, pay a $750 fine and will have to attend two driver education classes, one for the DUI charge, and another for a prior marijuana possession charge.

Fairley was arrested for DUI in May of 2012 after attempting to with elude police in I-10 in Alabama and reaching speeds of nearly 100 mph. Prior to that, in April, Fairley was also arrested and charged with marijuana possession after police found two partially burnt joints in the cab of his Escalade, according to

The marijuana possession charges against Fairley were dropped after her tested negative on a drug test. But that charge has caused some hiccups for his DUI charges. According to the Detroit Free Press, Fairley’s attorney is trying to have entered into a DUI diversion program for first offenders which would allow him to emerge with a clean record.

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As for the NFL, Fairley was entered into the league’s drug program shortly after his arrest, but it is not clear whether he will be fined or suspended now that a judgment has been ordered in his DUI case. The current substance abuse policy calls for a financial penalty equivalent to two game’s pay, but there are no requirement for suspension. But the league has not said what, if any, penalties he will face.

Last year, the NFL vowed to combat drunken driving among its pro athletes. At the time, the league said they would work with the player’s union to determine what punishments a player should face in the wake of a DUI conviction. While the negotiations are ongoing, the NFL announced they were considering a two game suspension and a fine equivalent to the pay for one game. That policy has not been cemented as both parties are locked in negotiations over enhanced penalties and human growth hormone testing.

Although the NFL is still too lenient in their punishments, they deserve some kudos for their efforts to curtail drunken driving in the league since fewer players have faced the charge this year over last.

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