Mother of scandalous actress Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan, was recently arrested for facing drunken driving charges. Lohan was speeding on the Northern State Parkway on Long Island and it is suspected that she was driving in an intoxicated state. With her license suspended, Dina was seen at the suburban New York courthouse in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce where she entered a plea of being not guilty on the over-speeding and driving under influence charges slapped on her.

Lindsay Lohan comes from Bad Stock

The media personnel present on the Long Island courthouse surrounded Dina and threw several questions on her pertaining to the case and regarding her troubled daughter. It is reported that was released without bail until the next court hearing which will take place in October, 2013. She was accompanied by her mother, Ann Sullivan. Some prominent DUI lawyers in Atlanta have also been contacted by Dina and are likely to arrive in NY before the next court hearing.

This woman is only known because of her famous daughter who has tarnished her name and thrown away many lucrative opportunities.

Citing the stringency of the alleged drunken driving charge, Judge Joy Watson ordered the suspension of Lohan’s driver’s license. Lohan was arrested in September by the state police while she was zooming at a speed of 77 mph on the Long Island parkway, where the permissible limit is 55 mph. Whereas the legal limit of the blood-alcohol level is 0.08, Lohan’s test indicated 0.20, which is more than double of the allowed level.

This woman is a threat to everyone and does not care about society. She obviously did not raise her daughter properly.

Setting a Terrible Example

Dina’s defense attorney Mark Heller stated that his client had a clean record and has raised four children single handedly. He also stated that Dina is heavily mindful of the seriousness of the case and the consequences of driving while high. However, she did not talk to the reporters and her attorney did not address the allegations against her in a direct manner. Reportedly, she has also approached some DUI attorneys in Atlanta for consultation on the case.