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Are You Looking For A DWI Attorney In Washington D.C.?

Have you recently been charged with a DUI infraction in Washington, D.C.? Are you the victim of a drunk driving accident and need legal representation and medical help? Has your vehicle been damaged due to an intoxicated driver? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we have an unparalleled DUI lawyer on our Washington, D.C. team that is standing by to give you the proper legal counsel you seek and deserve. Whichever DUI lawyer you work with has been trained to solely handle DUI cases, so you know your claim is in good hands.

Washington, D.C. has strict laws against alcohol and drug use while operating a motor vehicle. In Washington, D.C., it is illegal for a motorist to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 percent and above if they are over the age of 21. Those who are found guilty of this crime will be arrested and charged with either Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and are subject to strict penalties including fines, driver’s license suspension and even jail time.

The laws in Washington, D.C. for commercial vehicle drivers and minors vary slightly than for motorists over the age of 21. A commercial vehicle driver may be arrested and charged with DWI if their BAC level is only .04 percent and above. Washington, D.C. has a Zero Tolerance policy in place for minors (persons under the age of 21), which means that any minor found to be driving while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs in any quantity will be arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

There are two types of alcohol/drug charges in Washington, D.C. When a motorist drives with a BAC level that exceeds the legal limit, they will be issued a DWI charge. Those who are driving and show signs of impairment, even if their BAC level is under .08 percent, will be charged with DUI if an arresting officer can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the motorist is operating a vehicle without clear judgment or with physical signs of impairment.

Washington, D.C. DUI/DWI laws extend to the use of controlled substances as well. Motorists may be arrested for DUI if they are under the influence of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, etc.

Punishment for Washington, D.C. DUI/DWI Offenders

In Washington, D.C., those found guilty of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are liable to incur strict and severe penalties for their crimes. If a motorist is convicted of DUI/DWI in Washington, D.C., they will incur the following penalties:

1st DU DUI/DWI Conviction

• Imprisonment up to 90 days
• Fine from $300 to $1,000
• Driver’s license suspended 6 months

2nd DUI/DWI Conviction

• Imprisonment up to 1 year
• Fine from $1,000 to $5,000
• Driver’s license suspended 1 year

3rd DUI/DWI Conviction

• Imprisonment up to 1 year
• Fine from $2,000 to $10,000
• Driver’s license suspended 2 years

Implied Consent Law in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has an implied consent law in place, meaning that any motorist operating a vehicle in the District of Columbia agrees to provide a chemical test of their blood, breath or urine to determine intoxication. Those who refuse will have their driver’s license suspended for 1 year for the first refusal. Punishments increase in severity with every subsequent refusal.

Hiring a DUI/DWI Lawyer in Washington, D.C.

Any conviction regarding a drunken driving charge can completely ruin a person’s life. A DUI or DWI can affect an offender’s current job, their chances of getting a new one, and can even influence their financial endeavors, making it very difficult to apply for a loan or credit card. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI in Washington, D.C., help is readily available. Contact a top DUI/DWI lawyer today to fight for your rights and contest your charges.

Washington, D.C. DUI/DWI attorneys know that sometimes, drunken driving and drug-related charges are incurred without sufficient proof of intoxication. For this reason, your paralegal will investigate the incident thoroughly and will look for any information that can be used in your favor in court. Many times, motorists are unfairly charged with DUI/DWI either because of police suspicion alone or because of a false breathalyzer reading or faulty device. Rest assured that if this has happened to you, your DUI/DWI lawyer in Washington, D.C. will not rest until your charges are dismissed.

DUI/DWI lawyers care about your needs and will stop at nothing until your case resolves in your favor. They will interview police and any witnesses to ensure that all the facts regarding your case are accurate. No matter what your specific situation is, you can rest easy knowing that you will have an elite professional fighting for your rights until the very end of your case.

For the best possible outcome of your case, contact a top DUI/DWI attorney in Washington, D.C. right away for superior legal assistance.