With the growing number of OVI arrests being made in the state of Ohio, it only makes sense for entrepreneurs to devise a way to help people from getting behind the wheel of their vehicle in the event they have had too much to drink. Many apps have been created and placed on the market, although the credibility is still questionable. Can these devices really provide an accurate reading? Will they truly contribute to helping reduce the number of OVI convictions? Well, one man thought he had the winning formula when he presented his idea on live TV. 

Before relying on a breathalyzer app that works on your smart phone, be sure you check its credibility and research first.

Is the Breathometer a Legitimate Product?

You’ve heard of the television show Shark Tank right? If you aren’t a fan or haven’t kept up, in a past episode, one entrepreneur came on the show with his latest invention: The Breathometer. Shark Tank is a way for inventors and business owners to gain the opportunity to present their ideas to highly regarded “sharks,” or potential investors worth millions.  Although the episode surfaced a few years back, it looks like this deal may not have been what the “sharks” were expecting.

The Breathometer is a device that is plugged into your smart phone and requires an app to be installed in order for it to work effectively.  Of course it sounds innovative and reliable to have such a device that works hand in hand with your smart phone and can be used at any time to determine what your BAC is before you decide to drive. Unfortunately for Charles Michael Yim, he may not have had enough scientific evidence that backed up the claims he made when advertising his product.

The Breathometer May Not be as Effective as You Think

According to Buzzfeed, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “took a more sober view of the startup’s promises.” After all, he is claiming his product can deliver accurate results that can help prevent a driver from getting behind the wheel with a BAC above the legal limit. And based on the settlement “Yim and Breathometer are prohibited from making accuracy claims about a consumer breathalyzer product unless backed by “rigorous testing.” The company was required to inform consumers who had purchased the product along with potential customers of the potential inaccuracy and refund anyone their money who may have already bought one.

OVI is a serious, chargeable crime

Products are made and distributed every day. But when something such as the Breathometer hits the market, it needs to be credible. When a person is charged with OVI or convicted of the charges, their lives change dramatically. If you are currently facing any OVI charges in the state of Ohio, contact USAttorneys to get the help you need to find the best Mentor OVI attorney who can work to get your charges reduced. Although it can be difficult to get an OVI erased from your record, with the right Ohio OVI lawyer, you could have your fines and sentence reduced.