Each year thousands of Ohioans are arrested and charged with drinking and driving. Only repeat offenders understand what’s in store after their arrest, the first time offenders will be in the dark about their offense. If you have been charged with an OVI in Cleveland, there are several facts you need to know, so you can begin to think about your defense.


Most people are familiar with DUI and are aware it means driving under the influence. An OVI is an impaired driving charge as well and stands for operating a vehicle while under the influence. The difference is just a name under Ohio law. Regardless of what each state calls an impaired driving offense, a violation of the state’s OWI laws will have lasting consequences and will cost you several thousand over the next few years.

You’re Going to Jail for Hours

Drivers who fail a breathalyzer or a chemical test will be arrested and detained until they post a bond or appear for arraignment. USAttorneys recommends you or a family member call an OVI/ DUI lawyer in Cleveland and let them post bail for you. A lawyer knows the process backward and forwards and can get you out faster than someone unfamiliar with the process. It will also give your counsel time to familiarize themselves with your case and get a head start on your defense.

Cuyahoga County Jail

1215 W 3rd St.,

Cleveland, OH 44113



Bedford Heights City Jail

5661 Perkins Rd.,

Cleveland, OH 44103



Cleveland City Jail

1300 Ontario St.,

Cleveland, OH 44113



Cuyahoga County Headquarters

2079 East Ninth Street

Cleveland, OH 44115


For more information about posting bonds visit: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/CityAgencies/PublicSafety/Corrections/Bonds

Next, Your Driver’s License is Suspended?

Your situation is going to improve once you get out of jail because the next chip to fall is your driver’s license. It is automatically suspended for 15 days. After that time, you can request a hearing to have your license for restored with limited driving privileges.

What Happens if I Refuse a Breath or Chemical Test?

A violation of Ohio’s implied consent law will result in suspension of your driver’s license for at least one year.

Consequences of OVI Conviction in Cleveland

Jail: Three days in jail of BAC is 0.17 percent or lower; minimum six days in jail if BAC is above 0.17

Fines: $375 to $1075

Driver’s License: Suspension for a minimum of six months up three years

Ignition Interlock Device: Possible if granted limited driving privileges

Other Penalties: May be ordered to use yellow OVI tag,

An OVI conviction will remain on your driving record forever and cannot be expunged, so you need to enlist a criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland to keep your record clean.

You Can Ask for a Plea Bargain

Are you ready to put your case behind you? You may not have the will to take your case to trial, or you may get a better outcome by asking for a plea bargain. Your legal representation can work with prosecutors to come up with a deal in which you plead guilty to wet reckless or reckless driving in exchange for reduced charges.

You Need an OVI Lawyer in Cleveland

An OVI arrest sets off a cascade of legal penalties and personal problems. Because there are so many consequences of a is why you need a OVI/DUI defense attorney in Cleveland to help you with all stages of your OVI/DUI and try to keep a conviction off your record. Our legal team will be devoted to your defense and will be there whenever you have a question. Call and set up a consultation to learn what course of action you should take to resolve your case. We can connect you with a local lawyer so that you can learn about your charges.