Car insurance in Florida is designed to cover you in the event of an accident, whether you were at fault for it or not. Florida auto insurance, however, is not designed to pay for damage caused by a driver who knowingly put themselves in a risky situation that could result in an accident occurring. For instance, getting behind the wheel of your vehicle after having consumed an alcoholic beverage(s).

We all are aware of the effects alcohol can have on our bodies, especially while driving a car. Not only does it impair our judgement, but it reduces our ability to react to certain situations (i.e. stopping at a red light, reducing your speed when a pedestrian is crossing the road, stopping your vehicle in time when traffic slows, etc.) Unfortunately, most insurance companies generally won’t want to pay a claim when a driver intentionally puts themselves in a dangerous situation and their actions result in a collision occurring.

With that said, if you were recently involved in an alcohol-related accident in Port St. Lucie, FL that was caused by you and you plan on letting your insurer handle the property damage claim, here are a few plausible outcomes that might arise:

  1. Your insurer may deny the claim. If you file a claim or the other driver you hit files a claim in an effort to get any damaged vehicles repaired, your insurer may outright deny the claim placing the financial burden on you. In the event this happens, you would be required to come out of pocket to cover the cost of getting your own vehicle fixed as well as the other driver’s car who you hit.
  2. Your insurer may cancel your policy or increase your premium at renewal time. When insurance companies feel as though a policyholder of theirs is a liability, it may choose to cancel their policy. This means that not only won’t your claim get paid, but you will have to find another company that will allow you to purchase a policy with them. In the event your insurer chooses to keep you as a policyholder, it may increase your premium when it comes time to renew your policy.
  3. The insurer may deny any claims filed which could lead to the other party who you hit filing a lawsuit against you. If your insurer isn’t willing to cover the claim and you aren’t able to afford to pay for the damage you caused, the other driver could potentially sue you for damages. If this happens, you definitely want to hire a DUI accident attorney in Port St. Lucie, FL. 

If you made the mistake of getting behind the wheel of your vehicle drunk and caused an accident as a result of doing so, you are encouraged to seek legal advice and guidance from a trusted Port St. Lucie, FL DUI accident lawyer. You can contact the Law Office of David G. Simmons now to speak with a lawyer in your area who can defend you in any type of situation that might arise.


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