San Diego, CA – A suspected DUI driver may face felony charges for the death of his brother in a car accident this past Saturday night.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that after running into a white Chevy Silverado pickup truck this past Saturday, August 12th, a man riding in a red Mini Cooper was killed. Police suspect that alcohol may have played a role in this fatal car accident.

Local police told the publication that the potential DUI accident was reported shortly after 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of Paseo Del Rey and East H Street.

According to NBC San Diego, the driver of the red Mini Cooper, age 22, has not been identified. However, it is reported that the passenger who was in the car with him was his older brother, age 30.

The 30-year-old passenger received medical treatment at the scene of the suspected DUI accident for severe trauma. He died shortly after being taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital.

The driver of the Mini Cooper was taken to Mercy Hospital for serious injuries, although none of them were life threatening. The pickup truck driver was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries, and was released later. At the time of the suspected DUI accident, the truck driver had a chocolate lab in the truck with him. However, the dog flew out of the car when they were hit and has not yet been found.

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Local police told NBC San Diego that the collision is currently under investigation as a felony DUI. The driver will need the help of DUI attorneys in San Diego if he faces charges for the death of his older brother.

This suspected DUI accident comes in the wake of locals questioning whether or not DUI laws in California are tough enough. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that over one third of all fatal car accidents in California are because of drunk drivers.

Despite ranking first in the nation for insurance rate increases, fifth for the length of jail time, and sixth for the harshness of drivers license suspensions for DUI drivers in a study done by WalletHub, some California organizations would still like to see more improvement.

Specifically, the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving would like to see more severe drivers license suspensions, along with more frequent DUI checkpoints. Spokeswoman for the organization, Becky Iannotta, says “California still has work to do to pass the best drunk driving laws.”

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