A San Francisco man has been apprehended after he allegedly caused a hit and run while driving under the influence of alcohol after having attempted robbery, as reported by kron4.com. The man was driving a Toyota Prius. He is also accused of snatching the cell phone from a pedestrian’s hand and then caused not just one but two hit and run’s all while inebriated.

Oscar Cabrera Jr. did not follow his high school teacher’s message regarding morality

The suspect has been identified by San Francisco law enforcement authorities as 22 year old Oscar Cabrera Jr. who is a resident of Burlingame. The arrest and the incidents occurred on Saturday last weekend on the 200 block of Kenwood Way. The robbery allegedly took place at the Brentwood Shopping Center.

The 64 year old man who was robbed gave his statement to the police. His identity has not been released due to privacy concerns but a San Francisco, CA DUI lawyer he will soon higher will know all about him soon enough. He claimed that Cabrera simply walked up to him and threatened to hurt him if he did not turn over his phone. The 64 year old did not budge. At this point, Cabrera simply yanked the cell phone out of the man’s hand and made a dash to his car and took off at a high rate of speed.

Cabrera’s unmanned car was later found by police officers in the first block of Greenwood Drive. Officers were then successful in tracking down the whereabouts of Cabrera and took him into custody. He is currently being held in county jail in lieu of bond.

It is not clear whether Cabrera has a DUI lawyer to represent him in court or if the state of California will need to appoint a lawyer to represent him.

San Francisco Police Officer struck by suspected drunk driver

A police officer of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department has been left with a broken leg after he was struck by the car of a suspected drunken driver as he was ticketing a bicyclist for a traffic infraction, according to a CBS report.


The injured officer has been identified as Jason Deitschman. He was struck when he was pulled over on East Castro Valley Boulevard. The car that rammed into him has been described as a 2012 BMW X5 and pictures of this car will soon be this officer’s San Francisco, CA DUI attorney’s desk soon.

The driver of the BMW failed to stop even after he had struck the deputy, he tried to speed away from the scene and ended up ploughing into a telephone pole not too far away from the first accident site. The suspect has been identified as 36 year old Rufus Coleman.

DUI laws in California

DUI is a serious crime as far as California State law is concerned. Offenders, especially repeat offenders, are subjected to harsh penalties including long prison sentences, hefty fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, mandatory alcoholdrug counselling, ankle bracelets, community service and many other repercussions.

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