On Christmas Eve, a time when many drunk drivers are out, CHP officers Andrew Camilleri and Jonathan Velasquez were parked on the side of Highway 880 monitoring highway traffic, a part of the CHP’s holiday DUI crackdown. As the officers were sitting inside their vehicle, a red speeding Cadillac slammed into the back of the officers’ SUV. Mohammed Abraar Ali, 22, was behind the wheel of that Cadillac and was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

Ali was reportedly on his way home from a holiday party, traveling at speeds of 100 mph and over.

As a result of the collision, Camilleri, 33, was killed and Velasquez suffered minor injuries. Ali remains hospitalized from the injuries he sustained as a result of the collision and is now facing charges of driving at speeds in excess of 100 mpg, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and causing death and bodily injuries to CHP officers [Source: CBS SF Bay Area].

While the penalties for DUI are usually rather harsh, Ali might want to consider hiring a California DUI defense attorney seeing that the person he killed was a CHP officer. And to make matters worse, although he has no prior DUI convictions, he did have an encounter with the law in 2013 where he was arrested for burglary in Fremont, although the charges were later dismissed. The fact that Ali has any criminal charges on his record will only make it worse when his case is taken before a judge.

Another Encounter with a Drunk Driver

While one DUI offender is looking at some pretty serious charges, another was recently arrested after speeding through a stop sign, crashing into an Uber driver’s car, and then slamming into a building in Hollywood. The driver who was allegedly drunk attempted to run away but was tackled by witnesses and held until police arrived on scene [Source: San Francisco Chronicle].

The collision sent six people to the hospital, three in critical condition. The suspect and the Uber driver only suffered minor injuries. That driver is also being investigated to determine if he was the culprit to four other accidents nearby that occurred just before this crash. Again, it would be in the driver’s best interest to hire a DUI defense attorney for the support and advice he will need throughout the duration of his case.

Being Charged with DUI in San Francisco, CA

When faced with a DUI charge, the first thing you want to do is hire a San Francisco DUI attorney who will be there to represent you at the time your case is taken before a judge. Having legal representation assures that your rights as an individual are taken into account and that you aren’t charged for more than your crime permits. If you were recently arrested and charged with DUI in San Francisco, contact the Ticket Crushers at 1-866-842-5384. The lawyers at the Ticker Crushers have experience in handling DUI cases and would be more than willing to assist with yours.