Miami, FL- Just two hours before causing a deadly drunk driving crash on the Sawgrass Parkway early Sunday morning, the now-driver Kayla Mendoza tweeted that she was “2 drunk 2 Care.”  Now two women are dead, and Mendoza could face some grave charges which she’ll soon have “2 Care” about.

Early Sunday morning Kaitlyn Ferrante was driving on the Sawgrass Parkway with her friend, Marisa Catronio when a car came barreling toward them traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes. That car was driven by Kyla Mendoza, a self-proclaimed “pothead princess,” and slammed into the two young women head-on, according to CBS Miami.

Catronio was killed instantly, but Ferrante managed to survive although she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Ferrante was rushed to the hospital and put on life support until Thursday morning when she finally succumbed to her injuries.

Mendoza suffered serious injuries.

Police have not said whether they are charging Mendoza, but added these types of investigations can take weeks or months to conduct. Results from blood tests have not been released to the media at this time though there is a strong indication that Mendoza was more than just drunk.

In the days leading up to the shattering deaths of Ferrante, Mendoza proudly posted Tweets about her love for marijuana and all the places where she liked to smoke. She even posted a photo of her hand holding a joint; not a wise move on her part.

Gems like “2 High 2 Care,”  “My car permanently smells like weed,”  and “Oh, ya know, just rolling a blunt in the airport parking lot,” appear on Mendoza’s Twitter feed in the weeks leading up to the deadly collision.

Mendoza will need the help of an aggressive DUI attorney because she left an extensive public record in which she boasted about her propensity to drive high. She essentially gave the prosecution all the proof they needed to secure a conviction, since her Tweet is tantamount to a confession and her other posts show a pattern of bad judgment.

What many people may not realize is that prosecutors will gladly use anything you post in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter against them when building a case. It’s such a habit for people to share everything about their lives on Twitter and other social media that they rarely consider the ramifications. Those posts are a matter of public record and very difficult to impossible to have omitted from a case record.

Driving while intoxicated is a big mistake which thousands of people make without harm to others. Causing a deadly or injurious accident is an even bigger mistake and requires legal representation. No one should drink and drive and most everyone realizes that it is a huge lapse in judgment which can cost another person their life; two lives in this incident.

Knowing that is a mistake is not enough to stop some drivers and in spite of how others feel about their actions they deserve and must present a strong defense on their behalf because the consequences can be quite severe.