Fort Walton Beach, FL – Police often pull over drivers for a number of different reasons that raise their suspicions about whether a driver may be violating the state’s DUI statute. Over time, and based on supplemental training they receive for a certification related to DUI testing, these officers begin to notice certain patterns of behavior on the roads that may indicate a driver is impaired. There are a handful of common traffic stops that usually result in further investigation. If someone is eventually arrested and charged with crimes related to driving under the influence, they should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Failure to maintain a lane

Police are trained to notice that an impaired driver may drift back and forth and have trouble maintaining a lane. This is a very common behavior that drivers exhibit when their normal faculties are impaired, as this tends to affect basic motor coordination that is required to keep a car steady. 

Improper lighting

Law enforcement often will think a driver is under the influence if they forget to activate their vehicle’s lights while driving at night, or if one of the lights blows out, which can be very noticeable. The officer will often ask why the driver would make such a careless mistake, and look for an admission of consuming alcohol.   

Going through stop signs

Many impaired drivers simply do not notice some stop signs while they are driving. This is a reason to conduct a traffic stop in any situation, and some officers may be assigned a certain area to watch for these kinds of violations. 

Driving extremely slow

Many drugs, including alcohol, are depressants that cause a person’s nervous system to slow down and not react as quickly. For these reasons, someone may drive much more slowly than normal, and well under the speed limit if they are impaired. Someone who is under the influence is also less likely to pay attention to the posted speed limit signs.   

Penalties after being charged 

Someone who is pulled over and eventually charged with a DUI based on the officer’s observations can face serious consequences. These include license suspensions, fines, mandatory treatment for addictions, community service, and jail time. Even a first DUI conviction requires the defendant to accept a mandatory minimum sentence set by the Florida legislature.  

Getting assistance from a Fort Walton Beach DUI attorney

Because of the penalties associated with driving under the influence in Florida, it is important for anyone charged to seek out legal help from an experienced attorney. The professionals at ASG Legal provide crucial defense against the state’s charges. 

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