Cincinnati, OH- Drinking and driving is an ongoing problem on the streets of Cincinnati, but there is a growing problem plaguing the city’s streets besides drunken driving. And it’s not distracted driving. No, the growing plague is the number of drivers who drive while high on heroin.

Earlier this month the story of Cincinnati man who chased down a woman driving recklessly I-275 made national headlines. His video showed the woman weaving all over the road, finally coming to a stop in an emergency lane. When the man caught up with her and taped her interaction she was obviously impaired. That fact was confirmed when police arrived on the scene and the woman admitted to taking heroin and methamphetamines before getting behind the wheel.

As it turns out this woman is not the only driver in the Cincinnati area who gets behind the wheel under the influence of drugs. In an interview with WLWT that took place days before the above incident, Cheryl Parker, spokeswoman for AAA of Greater Cincinnati said that drugged driving a major threat to the city’s citizens. She said that people shooting up heroin and getting behind the wheel rivals the prevalence of distracted driving in Cincinnati.

Sergeant Mike Tarr with the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Department told WLWT there has also been an increase in OVI cases involving heroin in the county in the last few years. That corresponds with data from a recent national roadside survey which showed illegal drug use among motorists increased by 25 percent while alcohol use decreased by 30 percent.

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