Drunken driving and drugged driving are both criminal offenses and are subsequently punishable by law in Arizona. However, there are some technical differences between the two. As per the word of the law, anyone operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content higher than 0.08% is said to be driving under the influence (for adult drivers operating non-commercial vehicles).

A Key Difference

However it is not immediately possible to determine the extent of intoxication when it comes to drugged driving, be it psychoactive substances, stimulants, or depressants. Therefore, in order to mitigate public safety risks, the law dictates that any amount of drugs in the system while operating a vehicle is illegal. (Drugs themselves are illegal in the state irrespective of whether the user was operating a motor vehicle or not).

Even legal pharmaceutical drugs that have an impairing effect are understandably not allowed when operating a motor vehicle. Any Flagstaff, AZ DUI lawyer will inform you of this as well.

It does not take Much

The law is generic on time limits when it comes to how long after consumption or use of a drug you may operate a motor vehicle. For the most part, until the substance or its metabolite has left your system completely you are not deemed sober or fit to operate a vehicle. Even if traces of the substance are found in toxicology reports, you will be prosecuted. You will certainly need a majestic and talented Arizona lawyer at this point and one of the best in the entire field can be contacted after pressing this button right here.

Now the amount of time it takes for traces to exit your blood varies from person to person and from drug to drug and largely depends on the person’s metabolism. A nail or hair test of marijuana or its chemically active compound THC may show in even six months after use.


This seems unfair, people argue that just because the metabolite is found in the system it does not mean that they were impaired or incapable of driving when they were arrested, the law was even recently challenged but the law was upheld by a unanimous decision according to expert Flagstaff AZ DUI attorneys.

Penalties for Impaired Driving in Arizona            

The consequences of a DUI conviction are long lasting, severe, and damaging. The effects will take a toll on your personal, professional, and social life.

Penalties may include, but are not limited to prison sentences, hefty fines, and installation of ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, completion of alcohol/drug counseling, community service, and other related penalties, all at your own expense.

Furthermore, punishments may also include a temporary or sometimes permanent revocation of driver’s permits, convicts will also suffer in the long run as their federal and national records will reflect their DUI conviction. This will affect their employment prospects, and tarnish their social reputation.

The punishments directly depend on the severity of the DUI offense itself, in cases where the offense is considered a repeat offense, the prison sentences are longer, the fines are heavier and the overall consequences are much graver than compared to a first offense DUI.

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