Driving under the influence is a major concern in Pennsylvania, just like every other state. In recent years, the practice has come under a lot of scrutiny while offenders are punished to the full extent of the law. Unfortunately, in some cases, innocent people are charged with DUI due to reasons such as faulty sobriety testing equipment, and poorly trained law enforcement officers, to name a few.

From the voices and stories of Erie, PA DUI lawyers, it is crucial for unfortunate suspects to defend themselves against their charges and beat their DUI case. If they fail to do so, they would possibly need to spend time in jail, pay fines to the tune of thousands of dollars, and be made to install ignition interlock devices on all the vehicles they operate.

To make matters worse you may be ordered to wear an ankle bracelet, complete a court approved alcohol or drug counseling courses, probation, and put in a number of hours of community service.

This is why you need legal help with very little delay. One of the best DUI lawyers around in this region of the state is Dan Susi. He can be reached and seen right here and his honorable record and knowledge of this legal realm could be a massive difference for you. He may able to pull you out from the brink.

The Real Price of a DUI Conviction

These consequences are harsh, especially for someone who did not even commit the crime. However, that is not all. There are several other adverse consequences of a DUI conviction which has the potential to destroy a person’s personal, professional, and social life altogether. To begin with, once a DUI arrest is in your federal records, it is difficult to get this information expunged off your record. It is like a black mark that follows you around but most jobs will not care. Even with that said, it is still a stigma to your name.

Secondly, your reputation in the community will be forever tarnished and your personal relations will suffer due to the strain on your finances, family life, possible unemployment, and more. These are reasons enough why you ought to consider hiring a Pennsylvania DUI attorney as soon as possible.

How to Defend Yourself and Beat Your DUI Case

If you find yourself in a predicament and face DUI charges, it is in your best interest to educate yourself on how you can beat your DUI case. The first and probably most crucial step to take in beating your case is to seek legal recourse. Secondly, you need to work with your Erie, Pennsylvania DUI lawyer to come up with a solid defense strategy which can be used to prove your innocence. Each DUI case is different and there are plenty of loopholes that you may be able to exploit.


Remain Positive

Remember, any evidence that the prosecution has against you can be defended in court. For instance, your lawyer could argue that breathalyzer tests are not very accurate and that they measure breath alcohol content instead of blood alcohol content. Field sobriety tests may be invalidated in cases where the victim has issues with balance or is suffering from some sort of foot or leg injury.

Likewise, there are exceptions for several types of evidence and an experienced and aggressive Erie, PA DUI lawyer will know exactly what to do and how challenge evidence to help you beat your DUI case and attain freedom. Make sure not to waste any time in seeking legal help if you have been arrested or charged with a DUI. There is a lot of work involved to prove your innocence and overcome this legal impediment standing before you.

A Terrific DUI Defense Lawyer in Dan Susi

Punishment is one thing. Having your rights violated is something else. You need to make sure you are not cheated by the system and perhaps you can even have some of these other issues tossed away into oblivion. Dan Susi is a fantastic DUI defense attorney and he knows how the game is played. In fact, if this DUI law was a game, he would be the starting QB or the starting pitcher. His record is solid and he has satisfied many clients in the past and in the present as well. He is respected in legal circles. If you want him on your side, go right here.