El Dorado County, CA- A 21 year-old California woman is facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs after causing an accident that killed an elderly woman. This was one of two serious accidents involving intoxicated drivers to occur in the area in span of a few days.

On November 14th, Sonia Toor of San Mateo was backing up in Walgreens parking lot when she struck an elderly woman. A day later the 84 year-old woman died.

Police believe Toor was high on marijuana and possibly other drugs at the time of the accident and have charged her according to KTVU.

Just a two days later, on Sunday, KTVU reported that three children when the 18 year-old driver of the van they were passengers in ran off the road and slammed into a tree. Police said that driver was under the influence of drugs and will be charged with intoxicated driving.

Accidents like these two is one of the primary reasons law enforcement agencies across California are increasing patrols and setting up sobriety checkpoints for the busy Thanksgiving travel weekend. Statistically speaking, fatal drunk driving accidents increase over the holidays with Thanksgiving ranking up there as one of the most deadly.

And law enforcement isn’t just focused on drunken driving, they will also be looking for drugged drivers. Law enforcement agencies in California have officers who are specially trained to detect drug use in motorist. With an increase in drugged driving accidents, these specially trained officers, called drug recognition experts will be on hand to help with holiday DUI enforcement.

The holidays are a great time to share a drink with friends and family, it is time to celebrate after all, but people who have had too few many drinks don’t make the best decisions. The biggest mistake most people make is to drive drunk or high. Each year thousands of people are charged with DUIs over the holidays.

If you don’t want a DUI, you can designate a driver, sleep on a friend’s or family member’s couch or call a cab. Unfortunately, many people won’t heed that advice and they will could find themselves in legal hot water. If you’ve already made one bad decision, be smart and contact an El Dorado County DUI attorney.

A DUI, whether it is for alcohol, pot or other drugs, a conviction for a first offense can land a person in jail for up to six months. Drivers must surrender their license for a minimum thirty days, but often their license is suspended for longer and a DUI conviction will stay on your record for 10 years. If those penalties aren’t enough, a conviction also carries costly fees and other DUI-related costs.

A DUI is NOT a minor charge as many believe. If you have been charged with this offense you need to recognize how serious a DUI charge is so you can decide what you’re going to do next. Before making any decisions about how to deal with your charges, you should speak to a California DUI attorney to discuss the details of your case and the most appropriate way to approach your case. They can determine if you should accept a plea bargain or fight your charges in court.