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Florence, AL- With nearly 50 percent of the American population taking one or more prescription drugs, it should come as no surprise that drugged driving is on the rise. That is true in Alabama where police say they are arresting more and more motorists for drugged driving.

WAFF reports that the state of Alabama currently ranks number one in drugged driving arrests and law enforcement agencies are concerned it will become a bigger problem. Florence police officer Shane Blalock told the TV station that there is not a big difference between impaired drivers, whether they are on drugs or drunk.

Drugged driving is a multifaceted problem that is poised to grow because so many state citizens are taking prescription drugs for therapeutic and medical reasons, but fail to heed the warning labels and drive even when they may be impaired. Additionally, it is harder to detect if a motorists in on drugs, unlike alcohol, drugs don’t have smell and police have to wait weeks for the results of chemical tests to charge drugged drivers and get them off the road.

Also contributing to the rise of drugged driving in Alabama is attitude. In a survey from AAA, Americans appeared to be confused about what impairment is and don’t consider drugged driving as a big as problem as drunken driving. In that survey, the majority of respondents saw drunken driving as a major problem, while only half saw drugged driving as a safety issue.

Although prescription drugs are therapeutic and medically necessary, there is a long list of these drugs which affect a person’s ability to drive. These drugs can slow a person’s motor skills, delay their reaction times and make them unable to react in an emergency situation. And, like individuals who are drunk, drugged drivers take risks a reasonable and sober person wouldn’t.

Take for instance the case of 37-year-old Mathew Tidwell who has been charged with drugged driving and negligent homicide after a fatal accident that left his 7-year-old daughter dead. Police say that when he caused the December 14th accident in Lauderdale County, he had been taking Xanax and hydrocodone prior the accident, according to WAFF. On top of being impaired and ramming into a tree, he failed to buckle his daughter up, a move that could have saved her life.

Any Alabama residents taking prescription drugs should heed the warnings on their medications. If it says don’t drive while taking these drugs then you shouldn’t, otherwise you could be facing a DUI-drugs charge and you’ll find yourself in need of a DUI defense attorney working on your case.

Having a drug in your system is not alone proof of intoxication. That is a fact that the DUI attorneys at USAttorneys understands and one of the many defenses they can employ on your behalf. There are many ways to approach your defense and ways to minimize the consequences of a drugged driving charge. If you need the best DUI attorney in Florence or other Alabama location, allow us to connect you with one today.