Los Angeles, CA– There is a reason drunken and drugged driving is illegal: It’s dangerous! Too often impaired drivers put the lives of innocent people at risk and, sadly, sometimes children are victims. That stark reality is demonstrated in a recent accident in California.

Drunk Driver Crashes into Hotel Pool Full of Kids

CBS Los Angeles reports that the accident occurred on June 25th around 7:30 p.m. in the San Pedro area. According to the station, a man driving a sedan lost control and ran into a wall surrounding the pool at the Vagabond Inn. The pool then plunged into the pool which was full of children who clamored to get out of the pool a witness told reporters.

The driver was trapped in the car for “some time” according to a witness, and suffered critical injuries. As a result, the Daily Breeze reports.

All the children suffered only minor injuries.

Police are investigating the driver for suspicion of DUI.

Drunk Driving Charges Involving Children in Los Angeles

While the details of some drunk driving incidents are interesting or amusing, it is a serious issue that has legal and personal consequences. A conviction of DUI in California can result in jail, fines, license suspension and job loss. Don’t be complacent about your charges, contact one of our DUI attorneys in Los Angeles.

When a drunk driver has a child in their vehicle, or they harm a child, they could also be charged with child endangerment. A charge enhancement of child endangerment can result in up to one year in jail plus 48 hours for the child endangerment count, for a first DUI charge. Repeat DUI offenses could result in longer jail penalties.

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