A resident of Columbia was charged with felony DUI after he crashed his truck which killed one individual. The car accident occurred on Bush River Road, which is located close to Berryhill Road, according to a news report published by WLTX19. Columbia, South Carolina DUI lawyers are all over this case. Phone numbers are being called!

South Carolina Highway Patrol has stated that William McLeelan, the 58-year-old driver, has been charged with the offense that saw him ramming his truck into another truck. The second truck driver was trying to turn left from Berryhill Road to Bush River Road at the time of the crash. William McLeelan’s truck struck the other truck on the driver’s side.

The driver that was hit received fatal injuries. Although the medics were successful in retrieving the victim from the wreckage, he died after reaching the hospital. Columbia, SC DUI attorneys are not too pleased with this information. The police state that the death was due to the extensive injuries the driver sustained by McLeelan. The victim’s name has not been released by the police, as yet. But McLeelan’s infamous name is now certainly known.

Another DUI Crash

In another news article published by Wach Fox 57, one person was charged with a DUI after a multiple vehicle crash occurred late in the night at Piney Grove exit. Police stated that the crash occurred on the eastbound I-26, close to marker 104.

The driver, who the police hold responsible for the multiple car pileup and who will soon need a South Carolina DUI lawyer, had marijuana and an open container on his person. This has prompted the police to charge him with a DUI. Not too good for him!

Police say that Duncan Harps, Jr. was driving a 2016 Dodge Charger and he crashed into a vehicle in front of him. This vehicle went on to ram into a barricade, and Harps then hit an SUV, which hit another barricade. The SUV bounced off the barricade and hit another vehicle, leading to a multiple vehicular crash. Duncan Harps, Jr. wishes he was in the news for another reason.

While the police did not reveal the number of injuries, Wach Fox 57 states that an undisclosed number of drivers were taken to hospital for treatment, but none of the drivers had sustained serious or grievous injuries. Nonetheless, Duncan Harps, Jr. is going to be sued by several people and his insurance rates in the future will be nothing to smile about.

Finding the Best DUI Attorney

If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI, it is important you find a committed and tremendous DUI attorney right away. South Carolina imposes DUI fines and penalties based on the blood alcohol level of the driver at the time of the arrest. It is illegal in South Carolina to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08.

The first offense can attract jail time of anywhere from 48 hours to 90 days, while a fourth offense means jail time from one to seven years along, hefty fines, and suspension of license. Your license can be suspended anywhere from six months to permanently. And if it is the latter, that is terrible. Even 6 months would be devastating but some people warrant this type of punishment.

A DUI charge requires a legal pro who knows South Carolina DUI laws thoroughly and can find ways to either get rid of the charge or minimize any jail time and any fines. Hence, your South Carolina DUI lawyer should be selected based on motivation and their knowledge of criminal law and personal injury to understand your case so that they can prepare the right defense.

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