Ravielle Rachaed Bolton made a terrible mistake. His wayward life has now pretty much ended his life too. Perhaps he did not have a life though before he chose to drive and drink like he did.

Mobile, AL-If you drunk and you need more beer, what do you? You could drive your car, but that’s a bad idea. So what do you do? Well, if you’re Bobby Price of Red Level, you just take your friend’s tractor to the store.

Police say that on Wednesday, Nov. 5th Price, 37, jumped on the tractor and drove more than six miles to a local store so he could buy more beer. When the shirtless man got to the counter at the local Dollar General, the cashier refused to serve him because he was already visibly intoxicated; she had already witnessed him fall on the sidewalk in front of the store, WFSA reported.

Price left the store and the cashier called the police, but he never got to make the journey home. When police arrived at the store they placed Price under arrest

Police arrived to the store and placed Price under arrest. They didn’t see him driving so they charged him with public intoxication and impounded the tractor which belonged to a friend. But had he been on the tractor he would have been charged with DUI.

This isn’t the first time a drunk person has chosen an unusual mode of transportation. In 2012, a Florida man was charged with his fifth DUI after he decided to drive his riding lawn mower to grab a six pack of beer. In the same year in the same state, another man was arrested for DUI after he rode his horse through his town.

You have to admire their ingenuity, but when it comes to a DUI charge, police don’t care what you are driving. You can get a DUI whether you are on a tractor, bike, scooter or a lawnmower. This is something many people fail to realize. And when it comes to the consequences, your mode of transportation won’t save you from a tough sentence.

Even though DUI arrests are common, it isn’t a frivolous charge by any means. The charged individual is facing a potential jail sentence, loss of their driver’s license and costly fines not to mention the fact that DUI will go on your permanent record. Not taking a DUI seriously by hiring an Alabama DUI attorney, can end up being a huge mistake in the long run.

As with any problem, if you get ahead of a problem you can mitigate some of the more the negative effects of your arrest. Acting quickly and contacting will assure your defense team has the time they need to build a strong case in your favor. The more time your attorney has to examine evidence and negotiate with the prosecutors, the better chances you have of getting a lesser charge or a reduced sentence.

When you have a Mobile DUI attorney on your side, you know that someone is fighting for your rights and best interests. You need a legal expert advocating for you, it’s your best bet at reducing the impact of your DUI arrest.