Fullerton, CA- Two young people probably felt like they were making the right decision when they called Uber to pick them up from a California bar, but that mistake would end up being a fatal decision for one of them.

On July 7th, 1:30 a.m. around Julia Gardner and an unidentified man were leaving a Costa Mesa bar in an Uber car when destiny struck. Shortly after getting into the Uber vehicle driven by 43-year-old Frank Rugnetta, they were struck, according to the OC Register.

The OC Register reports 19-year-old Porfirio Sandoval was driving east on Baker Street when he slammed into Rugenetta’s SUV. Sandoval struck the vehicle on the driver’s side, causing injury to the backseat passengers.

Gardner initially survived the impact of the crash but was pronounced dead the following morning. The unidentified passenger was

Rugenetta was tested for drugs and alcohol but police said he was sober. The same cannot be said of Sandoval who was charged with suspicion of DUI and was taken to jail on a $100,000 bond, according to CBS Los Angles.

Sandoval is in serious trouble. First off, he has been charged with DUI involving an accident. That alone can result in major legal headaches, but Sandoval’s charges also entail a fatal collision and underage drinking. He’s young, so he may not understand the legal challenges ahead for him. He may not realize that if he is convicted, he is facing a long jail sentence. He may not realize that a DUI conviction can impact personal and professional aspects of his life.

Too often individuals who are arrested and charged with a DUI think they can represent themselves or can just agree to a plea bargain and put the matter behind them. They don’t think they need the advice of a DUI attorney in California but that may be a serious mistake. Those who are charged with a DUI have a number of options to pursue in order to minimize the impact of your charges, but they need help choosing the right path which will give them a greater chance of minimizing the impact of their DUI charge.

From the get go, an individual charged with DUI, no matter how minor it may seem, needs expert legal advice. They should never make a decisions about how to handle their case without first consulting with a DUI attorney in Fullerton to discuss the detail of their case. They will help you determine if a plea bargain will work to your advantage or if you will be better off taking your case to trial. You can count on your attorney to give you sound advice and protect your interests throughout the course of your case.

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