It is very sad what happened to Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller.

Fort Lauderdale, FL- Intoxicated drivers put everyone at risk, including themselves, and, as a consequence, these drivers face hefty criminal penalties when they cause a fatal accident. This is what a Fort Lauderdale man learned this week when a court decided his fate for a drunken driving accident that left three people dead.

On Thursday, a Broward County Judge sentenced Hermes Suarez to 30 years in prison for causing an accident that took the lives of three people.

That accident took place in January of 2012 after two girls hit a tree on West Brevard Boulevard. Cheresa Nave and Megan Kea got out to assess the damage when a Good Samaritan, Andrew Edmond, came to their aide. The three of them were standing outside the car when Suarez struck them. According to the Sun Sentinel, Kea was killed instantly and Nave and Edmond later died at the hospital.

Suarez was also injured and taken to the hospital. A chemical test showed that his blood alcohol content was .15, almost double the legal limit in Florida. He also later admitted to police that he drank a fourth a bottle of whisky prior to the accident.

A judge sentenced his to serve 30 years for each life he took, but he was allowed to serve those three sentences concurrently.

WSVN described the trial as emotional in which all three deceased’s family members made statements. Suarez also made a statement, apologizing for his actions that tragic night.

“I’m deeply sorry for all the pain and suffering I have caused. A day does not go by that I do not think about Megan Kea, Cheresa Nave and Andrew Edmond, of the lives they could have had — lives that ended too soon,” Suarez said in court Thursday, according to WSVN.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is wrong, plain and simple. There is too great a chance or a drunk driver causing an injurious or deadly accident so it should be avoided at all costs. MADD estimates that a before a person is caught for their first DUI, they have driven drunk at least 80 times before they are caught and arrested.

A drunken driver may be able to avoid an accident, but everyone’s luck runs out eventually. An individual has a lot to lose if they cause an accident while they are impaired. Jail is a definite possibility and costly fines are inevitable. A DUI conviction also means a person will lose their driver’s license. People have to pay for their reckless actions, but a DUI defense attorney can work to keep that cost from being too high.

If you are facing a DUI, you need to speak with an attorney immediately. The advice of a legal expert will allow a person to make an informed decision about how to proceed with their case. With the right help, a DUI offender may be able to avoid the harsher penalties associated with a DUI conviction.