San Diego, CA- The last thing to cross a person’s mind when they are mowing their lawn is that they may be hit by a car, but that is exactly what happened to a San Diego-area man over the weekend.

NBC San Diego reports that Carlos Rodrigues was mowing the lawn in front of his house in Chula Vista house Monday evening when all the sudden he was struck by a Ford Focus. The impact of the crash threw Rodrigues, his lawn mower and the trash can at least 15 feet, causing him to suffer several cracked ribs and a punctured lung.

The Focus also took out about 20 feet of fence and destroyed a concrete pole.

“I’m really beat up. I feel like I got hit by the whole Chargers team without wearing any kind of gear,” Rodrigues told the TV station.

Rodrigues is now at home and recovering from his injuries. He told NBC that God was watching over him and he isn’t going to take any day for granted.

As for the man who hit Rodrigues, he is now facing charges. NBC San Diego reports that police have charged 31-year-old Michael Torres with two counts of driving under the influence. He’s fortunate the accident wasn’t worse otherwise his charges would have been much worse.

Torres also suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Upon his release from the hospital, Torres was taken into police custody and was booked into the San Diego County jail.

Rodrigues will at least get a break from mowing the lawn for a several weeks as he recovers. Best of luck to him as recovers from his severe injuries.

Torres will some tough weeks ahead too, but his troubles are in the legal realm and he could soon find himself behind bars and without a driver’s license. That is unless he retains a DUI attorney in San Diego or surrounding areas to help him with his case.

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