Numbers don’t lie. According to research and statistics, drunken drivers kill more human beings than bears, snakes, and cougars all put together in Utah which says a lot since this is a Mormon state! It is hard to find alcohol in this state.

The issue of drunken driving is getting more attention and criticism than ever during recent times. Laws have become more stringent and offenders are penalized without mercy to the full extent of the law.

They find away to drink and drive

The fact that despite all these measures to curb the practice, incidents of drunken driving are reported every single night in the state is testimony to prove how deeply ingrained the problem is, according to

According to Utah Highway Patrol, thousands upon thousands of people go out with their families on special occasions like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Columbus Day. The most preferred activity on memorial day is camping, and everyone is going to warn each other of snakes and bears and other wild threats but little do they realize that a much more realistic and fatal threat exists, the threat of the impaired or drunken driver!

Shockingly, numbers recorded only last year reveal that one person died every day during this time of the year, being a holiday weekend and the beginning of summer. Utah Highway Patrol are concerned about that statistic repeating or worse, increasing this year and are therefore conducting safety and awareness campaigns against drunken driving in full swing.

While the rest of us maybe on a vacation, enjoying the sun, Utah State Troopers work harder than ever during these times to apprehend and prosecute drunken or impaired drivers. And if you have been hit by a drunk driver you can go after them in civil court and this is where comes into the picture. This site is saddled with outstanding attorneys. They may know the great outdoors but they know the law!

Utah school bus driver accused of impaired driving to appear in court hearing soon

A school bus driver who was transporting as many as 70 schoolchildren and their adult counterparts was accused of driving under the influence of prescription drugs back in October of 2013, as reported by

The revelation came about only after an adult occupant of the bus called authorities and reported the fact that the school bus driver had come close to collision on two separate incidents. This was not the only person to report the incident. Other witnesses from outside of the bus also called 911 to report the bus driving in an erratic fashion and constantly failing to maintain a single traffic lane.


A preliminary hearing has now been scheduled for July where it will be decided whether there exists sufficient evidence to continue prosecution against the driver and move the case to trial. The accused driver has been identified as 40-year old Lycia Kae Martinez and it has been alleged that she was driving under the influence of several prescription drugs including Xanax.

Penalties for first time DUI offenders in Utah

According to Tooele County DUI attorneys, very often people are unfairly or wrongly charged with DUI. This certainly happens in California! It is vital for such unfortunate persons to appoint an experienced Utah DUI attorney who will do everything within his or her power to prove the innocence of their client. If you fail to do so, a DUI conviction will not only result in legal penalties but may also kill your career, reputation in society and consequently your personal and social life.

Penalties for a first time offender in Utah include but are not limited to considerable fines, probation (prison sentences in some cases involving injury or death), installation of ignition interlock devices, counselling for alcohol and drugs, community service and temporary revocation of driving permits.